A land, a Prince

Balkan has been for centuries an extremely complicated territory and only those who have lead and managed its territories can understand the problems.

Furthermore we should refer our self to the treaty of Westphalia which destroyed the empire in 1648 between 1800 states where the problems of today. However to come to the subject , in the XIII century Albania didn’t exist and during the second crusades my ancestors took this territories and its vast contradictions to ameliorate the fate of this populations by bringing the knowledge and education of the free will against the totalitarianism wanted by the Persians: Islam’s values of religious politics where there to conquer and destroy and not to give to the population the notion of development and growing up.

In the contrary of what the albanian prime minister declared, Serbia has never and will never support and create a dialogue with Albania as long as the Muslims who have betrayed the memory of our ancestors and destroyed our traditions live in this country.

It is out of question for me to make any sort of negotiation with the Turkish and most of all not with Erdogan who doesn’t respect neither democracy neither the rights of other religions.

Like my ancestors I want my people could live in harmony and to pray within their will, if they are Catholics, orthodox’s, Anglicans and for sure paganisms like Illyrians were, who were the first civilization of this territories and who would never believe in any kind of religion that treat the woman lower and unequally  than man. Women had the same rights and they were also supposed to reign the country with the same attributes than man.

If you have read my book My Duty you would understand that in this lands we don’t have any rights but only duties which we should submit to the divine right of being the soldiers of the power of the divine energy that is stronger than all that is represented in nature which surrounds us.

Animals have an innate sense to feel through their vision of the senses and symbols that we humans can no longer understand and we want to put into value this false Vuitton, brands  etc that are only material objects without values, only to show through instagram and Facebook the stupid value of the imbecility of a world that is afraid and lives in perpetual credit.

It is a time to see that craftsmen as an eternal and glorifying resources of the Balkans and that they are the last resisting walls to globalization and that we have to fight for our culture at all costs.

I expect each of you to fight for our culture and to join me fin our territory in memory to our ancestors the principality of Alexander who is today called Libofsha.

I would prefer to die with the arms in the hands for a cause than to live like an idiot.

To live everyday with quality than in longevity to finish just old and without living a single day.

As Che Guevara was saying:




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