A spectacular beginning of Skanderbeg year

It is unacceptable to see Muslims in front of the Skanderbeg statue on the Skanderbeg square. It is unacceptable that Muslims show in front of Skanderbeg their back where his statue is covered by a ridiculous screen. Skanderbeg fought and drove them out of the Balkans and to see today them showing their disrespect to this national and international hero who defied Islam in a period as vulnerable as history knows is a shame. This people represent the terrorism and the extremist and that they are crusading against us Europeans against our traditions our culture our identity.

In addition we such a debilitated article, which would have us believe that everything is normal, shows clearly the nullity and incoherence of this journalist which create disinformation to the Albanian people. Then I tell you this is the moment to revolt to take back the arms and to create our own nation in tribute to Skanderbeg who was called by the Christianity Lord Alexander in memory to Alexander the great and I invite you to support the principality of ‘Alexander’ for all the Christians of the Balkans against radical Islam who are there to steal our land and violate our family patrimony. This is not only an Albanian issue is a European problem. This people can go and practice their religion somewhere else not in front of our squares and not in front of national and international heroes.




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