Utopia is the city that was never built. It is the impossible and ideal city. Utopian is the individual (citizen) of this city, who creates all because he has the power to do everything. Internet is the medium in which the Utopian citizen will create the Utopian city. The city without limits in all its freedom, without taboos, without prejudices.

The magazine sees The Utopian City as a composition of four actors: photographers, architects, fashion and culture. These four players will create Utopia – the city that will appear in the entire world and will cut across the top of the world by creating the Utopian city. The magazine will be distributed via internet and through the creation of a newsstand on Iphones and Ipads, for all citizens who were born to be high-tech Utopian. This vision of the magazine will touch citizens worldwide are born to be Utopian, in their Hearts.

Utopian magazine is a project done with the heart and love for beauty, it will educate the entire world to appreciate the classy taste through provocation and the truth.

In a world that does not know its guidelines, and how to blend the cultures to create new visions… In a world of high consumption, high pollution of images and falsity, Utopian Magazine proposes to build a virtual city to create a network for Utopian citizens.

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