After December [1991]

Comrades, this system was born since 1991. One never judges systems or governments by what they want or what they promise, but rather always by what they can do, and what they accomplish. The men’s of December [1991] took power by lying to the people, by telling them they had won. They promised you, workers, citizens and creative Albanians, a state of freedom and beauty and dignity. They promised you democracy, they promised a people’s state, they promised the broad masses the fulfillment of their dreams — peace, work and prosperity.

We have lived this lie for 27 years. For 27 years we have worshiped this government; we have lived in want, suffered, sacrificed, starved, sometimes wept. And now we see the worst results of these 27 years: the Albanian economy is in ruins, there are huge budget deficits, the nation’s fortune is squandered, people are robbed of their inheritance, people are desperate and without hope, the streets of our big cities are filled with an army of millions of unemployed, the middle class is vanishing, the farmers driven from their land. To our shame and disgrace large areas of Albanian territory have been lost.

Now the same history is repeating, and one more time only a movement of millions has the active strength and the ability to change Albania.



Jorvik Party

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