Alana Dee Haynes for #utopiantofollow

“A lot of my creations as a young child were artistic omens for the future. I was raised on art; it’s in my blood. I always went to schools that were very art heavy, and my parents would take me to galleries and museums frequently,”


“I’m not sure if there was a definite moment, but I don’t think I ever wanted to do anything else. I love the NYC art world and finding creative minds around every corner. It’s always changing and exciting. There is always inspiration and people building uniqueness together.”


I had been experimenting with lace patterns for a few weeks when I came across this series of double exposure lingerie photographs.  I had never played with double exposure in my illustrations before.  I scrapped the first one I did; and thought that it just wouldn’t work.  I tried again with this image.  First outlining every part of overlapping limbs.  Then I analyzed the two photographs individually.  As I attempted to cover a single exposure, it dissected the figures even more.  The sexuality of the patterned figure became stronger than the skin that was shown.  The different mentality of the two figures also became stronger.  I played with layering self portrait negatives while I was in the teen internship program at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York.  The images I created spoke to the tangled feelings I was experiencing.




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