Albania needs to be taken

Albania, like many countries in the east and the Balkans, has to regain its destiny again and not look back on its past. The country is now headed by a communist prime minister who has apparently read a lot of Hitler’s biography, confusing himself to be an artist, a painter and a dictator at the same time.

I gave to him  3 chances to talk to me about the development of the country’s financial system, but it is clear that this communist prime minister is a coward and even whenever we go to the same restaurant, it is hiding behind 3 or 4 bodyguards as if to frighten me but it is the opposite for me.

This communist prime minister is a coward, a poltroon, a liar who makes you believe that the American administration is behind him, which is not true because nobody knows him and nobody will recognize him or not take care of him.

Many times Europe has drawn its attention and has said that Albania will not enter the EU by 2050 but again it deceives you. Not to talk about the United Nations considering Albania as a place of great corruption and corruption organized by this communist system still in place.

It is time to unload this communist prime minister who is sick and unable to continue lying to you because he is so ill that he is no longer able to see the truth in the face, I doubt if one day he will see it.I think it is important for him to be diagnosed by doctors now and to tell all what he has stolen from the Albanian people.

Albania should return to its size starting from now and people from all over the world have appreciated the financial and economic program proposed by me.  Albanians need to regain their capital and ultimately enter into a neoliberal system.

This requires a free justice that can progress without any control of the legislative power and without any communist prime minister who can exercise any power over it.

To be a true prime minister and to respond to his duties you have to have courage and what I see from this is a cowardly incompetent. Impossible to go to urinate without his bodyguards. Why are you so scared? Why are you so afraid of your voters hiding behind bodyguard’s right after the election?

Never forget that he is just a man and not a God, he does the same things as you, eat, drink, and go to the toilet. But unlike you he should not have rights but only obligations before you. You have chosen to be responsible, not to obey what he wants by going to restaurants and eating with the taxpayer’s income.

My predecessors have transgressed on this land and they have created and developed the country, like Charles d’Anjou and for me the decision was taken over time. I will fight as my predecessors against the enemies of peoples to bring about development. I will not stop fighting against communism, terrorism and mediocrity. Today, many do not know where Albania falls, with me, everyone will know where this kingdom is.




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