Where is the Albanian government going

It is clear that the constitution needs to be changed to become more suitable for a new generation of economic policy where the President is responsible for the country and appoints the prime minister.

This is today the model of all Western countries whether they are a republic or a constitutional monarchy. The division of powers allows to develop a balance of the legislative and executive place. The administration should be as in the United States separated by the executive control of the institutions and allows subsequent autonomy on the one hand, but also an audit of accounts and outcomes.

We cannot easily move away from the legislature. The parliament that does not have the necessary knowledge in this case has set the country’s directions and diplomatic or geopolitical agreements where it is necessary to have a profound cultural historical knowledge and of course an overview of financial assets. Also it is necessary for external counselors who may interfere in their governments, not in the middle, but in people who have played a role in their governments.

All this is just a summary of the measures to take because it sees Albania going down to various World Bank organizations such as the IMF and so on.

And seeing visa requirements show a backward process, but I am extremely disappointed when I see so many people wanting to leave Albania and not fight for their places.

I call those people who do not have the full understanding of the high tech system and the economic power that allows the world today to diversify its returns through the internet. Naturally, I can see that the government does not make the working groups push forward its procedures.

What has saved Bill Clinton’s mandate is precisely the high technology that has not been developed by him, but by the US military, IP, the well-known internet protocol received by new engineers who are not in New York or Los Angeles, but in the city and Seattle, which then did not exist and soon became the center of the internet explosion. They could easily sell Albania’s traditional products of Albania’s first qualities using the new technologies.

It is also necessary to facilitate different sectors of activities such as registrations that are for construction permits machines, etc … We can see that leaders do not carry out their work and are not able to direct their teams. , the region of a city requires knowledge of the notions of savings and of course development to facilitate work. It is a series of measures that we must take and push people in this direction and give them solutions to increase GDP of the country and encourage investments. It is also important to review the foreign companies that have come to get the fruits of the country if the banks do not provide adequate services and do not offer the services offered to the rest of the world. If they come to Albania they should offer the same services they provide in their own countries. The same goes for the companies insurance and to develop universal health insurance for all Albanian citizens.

Restructuring of education and the prohibition of strictly forbidden work by the United Nations as well as by the European Declaration. Secondary military schools offering civic education necessary for life skills and allowing the state to see the skills of each one. Of course, I can continue to develop my observations, but I think of the presidency and the desire for the development of the Principality of Alexandria. We will be able to unite the Balkans properly and become an economic structure that is now a partner of the great financial powers that just want to see us stable and ultimately structured with all the opportunities we have as natural resources.

Live the Balkans and freedom of enterprise.

Be with me in honor of the courage and the strength to fight together to be one.





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