Albanian Star in Paris

After architecture school master degree and opportunities in Usa and Japan to work for an archistar Kengo Kuma, she was representing Albania in the contest of Miss World 2008 in South Africa, Johannesburg. She decided after to follow her dream of becoming an actress and move to Paris to pursue one of most the famous acting schools Cours Florent. 
She understood right away not only the level of the acting in Paris who is bringing people all around the world to become stars but the the competition and the circle extremely closed to don’t say even reserved of what we call the international elite.
This elite grow up between themselves, know each other forever, go to the same schools between Switzerland and Los Angeles and basically accept no one easily.
But you can not get a cast, a good agent, a good movie if you are not close to them. You can not get anything if you don’t live their way to see the life and by chance Egla is going to be invited to some events and find her own place to get to the point to feel comfortable that she realised that finally she found her family. The elite is her only way for her to live to the target she was always looking for from the first day she realized her difference.
Proud to be from Albania, from the Balkans she is bringing strongly to this community this part of Europe which was forgotten and forbidden for years and to establish a link with Tirana which still is a birth nation.

In Paris she becoming a free woman and learning what does it mean to be free for a woman. Seeing the difference between east and west and the importance how to change and to evaluate with our time through internet when women getting to the power and don’t need men to choose live and have their own opportunities. Meeting a lot of artists from all around the world  put her involved and decide to become a new egerie as Brigid Bardot was before and many other women such as Marlene Ditrich to Madona becoming this sex symbol not only in Paris but for the rest of the world and Albania can be proud of saying this beautiful lady smart intelligent with a strong speech to fight for women rights.

Bernard Pivot ask Egla Harxhi

1. Your favorite word ?
 2. Word your hate ?
3. Your favorite drugs ?
4. Favorite voice or the sound ?
Turning the engine
5. What sound or noise you hate ?
Clashing teeth
6. Your favorite Oath, swear word ?
7. The man or woman to illustrate a new banknote ?
Marlene Dietrich
8. The work you do not like to do ?
9. The plant , tree or animal in which you would like to revive ?
10. If God exists , what would you like , to hear after your death ?
We were waiting for you to start the party!




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