All about neon

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It’s all about how to wear neon this spring time!

Photos by Alise Jane

One of the biggest fashion trends of 2019 is neon. Not only is neon big for spring summer, but it’s also carried itself into the fall-winter 2019 shows as well. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Admiring a neon street style outfit is one thing and wearing it is a whole other thing. So here’s the real question, how do you wear neon and still look chic? More like, how do you wear neon on a regular day and not look like a walking traffic cone/highlighter. I have been determined to figure it out and I’m happy to announce I finally have! Here are my three tips on how to wear neon green pink or whatever colour you want a daily basis and still look chic.

1. Avoid stark contrasts like white or black
When wearing neon, you want your entire outfit to fit together and look like it all belongs together. Avoid stark contrasting colours like black or pure white because that will make the neon piece stand out even more, and not necessarily in a good way. That being said, you can wear dark colours like navy blue or light colours like cream like how I wore neon at London fashion week!

2. Colour blocking with neon works
Just because something is neon, doesn’t mean you can’t wear another colour. Something that works super well with neon is denim blue. If you’re wearing neon green, the easiest way to make it work for an everyday spring outfit is to pair it with your favourite blue jeans. Blue and green can be considered as colour blocking and it works super well with making your neon jumper or t-shirt look incredibly chic.

3. Stick to one
The number one rule to follow is that if you’re wearing neon, keep it to one neon piece. Avoid pairing your neon top with neon accessories or clothing. Having one point of focus in your outfit and working your pieces around that make your outfit look classier! For my look, I focused on my neon green jumper and let my other accessories compliment the look like my blue Emma Hyacinth shoes (they look like Manolo’s don’t they? I found them at a store in St. Christophers Place!) and my monogram Louis Vuitton bucket bag.




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