Anna, the wolf of Russia

Anna has the eyes of a Siberian wolf which captured the attention of the photographer Jarl Ale de Basseville. Her strong expression and vivid colours bring a fresh image into the Parisian fashion. Lead by strong personality and education Anna will leave everything that was already set up from her. She studied finance in Australia but soon she will understand that what she really wants is to become an egerie model to fulfill her childhood dream and give a strong image of a woman that fights for what she wants in life. A woman that makes her choices by herself not influenced by anyone.

How hard to walk among the crowd’

How hard to walk among the crowd
with existence’s pretension,
and speak to posterity, aloud,
of the tragic play of passion.

And peering into darkest night,
find form in a chaos of feeling,
so that by art’s anaemic light
they may see life’s fatal gleaming!

Aleksandr Blok

Photo: Jarl Ale de Basseville 
Anna represented by City Models




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