Aweng Chuol photographed by Louie Banks

Beauty is made of flaws, fragility and emotion, tenderness and raw power. The model Aweng has taken us to a very rare and refreshing destination of beauty.

Louie Banks
To me beauty is freedom. Expressing one’s self and having the choice to be eclectic and eccentric. Diversity is important to me, beauty is in people of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds and I think it’s confidence and attitude that is more beautiful than anything physical. Aweng is so beautiful, you can see a story by looking into her eyes, she has an air of fearlessness, determination and a belief in herself.

Beauty to me means self-appreciation. Beauty is when one appreciates not only their outer beauty but also their flaws. The shoot was nothing short of magic, I got to shoot with such an amazing team that made the entire day feel so surreal in the uttermost amazing way.

Masha Mombelli
Beauty is a magic way to use imagination to transport yourself into a different place – you can be a Punk Dandy or a Rococo Princess, a flamboyant boy in a silk suit or a romantic with a touch of a 20s Berliner. You can be a mysterious woman in a wide-brimmed hat in a long silk dress walking through the desert or you can strip bare and show your face as it is and feel beautiful looking straight ahead.

Pablo Kuemin – Hairstylist (using HV wigs)
Beauty for me changes wherever I live and with what I’m surrounded by. Living in London I found beauty in imperfection.

Crystabel Riley – Make Up Artist (Using Evolve)

To me, beauty means dichotomy.. irregular but regular, synthetic but natural, strong but gentle, confident but insecure all those sorts of contradictions I love to see in faces, makeup, people, and patterns.




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