written by Jarl Ale de Basseville
Image created by Egla Harxhi
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Written philosophy from Plato to Heidegger as a sense of Truth/The Expressionist Propaganda is a source of Politics and based on Syllogism. The idea of Clauswitz is that war exists from the beginning of humanity, did humanity start with man or higher lifeforms in general. The principle is that any element of life that survives by killing starts history of humanity. Man is scared of himself. The power that man does not have is what he desires most. Man’s inability to control his environment gives him the sense of powerlessness. Therefore man is consumed by the need to obtain at all costs this ability.

What difference and what excuse philosophic humanity find to show a monster like spider who catches an insect which you can discover through a camera. What is a monster ? The spider who eats the insect, or us who watch like an acting warrior in the exact way to say it’s not me, it’s not us. Were we the first actors, warrior in Iraq ? Have we not created pollution in society since the second World War. If we are so free in the Western world then why do we spend so much time and energy looking into our neighbors houses, trying to snitch on them for the security of masses. Is this not the same as Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China. Meaning the Cold War. Has the iron curtain really fallen or are we just relocating the physical members. Such as the Berlin Wall and Gorbachev in 89. It is funny that the two most open dixit democracies are building walls to help their fellow neighbors.

This makes me remember the French Revolution who gave the population the power and the right to snitch on thy neighbor. The critical shift from legal proof to the automatic proof, as long as two witnesses come to the court saying the defendant did a particular crime. The defendant was send to the guillotine to be beheaded without evidence of guilt. In fact, the famous doubt does not exist nor the conviction of justice. If the doubt does not exist anymore then justice no longer exists nor does the philosophy of the democracy from any regime from the power of people.

If we citizens are all equal under the rule of law, then who gives the right to decide what is truly just in the system of law and order. The high court that makes case-law, modify the letter of the law to set a new precedent interpretation of belief.

To reach the goal of absolute war each family utilities the radicals and terror to seek revenge in doing so escalates the situation to the point of no return and succomes to absolute war. During the reign of Napoleon, the war machine decimated Europe for no other reason than the fact that the families had nothing to do. The enormous amount of capital and collateral resources the defense market consumes. The players need to justify to the public the security threat that is so grave. For example the subprime real estate Collapse of October 2007. Utilizing the propaganda based on syllogism. The elite have created their own security police to act for their personal gains. They abuse the bureaucratic system by misappropriating the tools of government to give the sense of legitimacy so all subordinates subside any resistance to the department heads. The elite created a power inside the power so there is no equality under the law. Therefore where is democracy ?

The western world utilities the Middle East for it’s Black Gold without consideration for the history or culture of the locals. The people should feel like they are in slavery for the benefit of the western world. If the tables were turned, how should the west react and would the world sentiment be the same ? The west should not be surprised if the third generation of local revolt and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. The powers to be use propaganda in order to position themselves strategically so they may take advantage of the structured order and the capital system. Only virtue can save order and life in the new Europe. God gives us the virtue and the privilege in serving mother nature and all her children. Certain human beings have been utilizing religion and politics to create a world of countries based on the known understanding of historic lands. In contrast to lad based on family history bringing humble warriors under the Aegis of Provincial Länders through a matriarch.

To the citizens of World.






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