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Like a dream

Babak Fatholahi is a portrait photographer and director based in Tehran, Iran. Born in Tehran in 1990, he has been doing photography professionally. The most difficult part is expression of existential depth and convey it to the audience. “Model – beautiful  homaa Makeup by  mehranna rashidDress by  shirin saveh And special thanks to my dear friend  adel […]

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Hatfield House in Oscar-winning film The Favourite

Production designer Fiona Crombie used secret passages and an enormous fake facade to transform a 17th-century English country house into the set for award-winning movie The Favourite. Set in England during the reign of Queen Anne, the last of the Stuart monarchs, the film follows the power struggle between Lady Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) and scullery maid Abigail […]

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Lamb of future

Here, we bring you two of his latest editorial, ‘Lamb of Future’ and ‘Colors Loves Neon’, both at the boundaries of moody portraits, futuristic fashion, and trendy graphic design elements.

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Artiste dans l’âme

Le Divin a créé l’univers, avec ses planètes, sa nature et ses êtres vivants. Parmi ces derniers, il a créé l’Homme à son image : « l’âme est le souffle du Divin dans le corps humain. » Et notamment, l’âme de l’artiste est un réceptacle de la lumière créatrice, énergie motrice de la force créatrice. […]

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Metropolis Film Poster

A film poster to celebrate the 90th anniversaryof the Fritz Lang sci-fi classic, Metropolis.Screen printed in 4 colour variationsusing a combination of metallic inksand mirrored papers.

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Be yourself follow the sun!

The Sun — Charles Baudelaire Along the old street on whose cottages are hung The slatted shutters which hide secret lecheries, When the cruel sun strikes with increased blows The city, the country, the roofs, and the wheat fields, I go alone to try my fanciful fencing, Scenting in every corner the chance of a rhyme, Stumbling over words as over paving stones, Colliding […]

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Aweng Chuol photographed by Louie Banks

Beauty is made of flaws, fragility and emotion, tenderness and raw power. The model Aweng has taken us to a very rare and refreshing destination of beauty. Louie BanksTo me beauty is freedom. Expressing one’s self and having the choice to be eclectic and eccentric. Diversity is important to me, beauty is in people of all […]

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