David Lynch takes a break from ‘twin peaks’ to debut new track

The cult director has teamed up once more with Texan singer Chrysta Bell.

As David Lynch once said, “I’m not a musician, but I play music. So it’s a strange thing.” Then again, everything about Lynch is a bit strange. Indulging his musical prowess once more, he has teamed up with Texan singer Chrysta Bell on a new project, writing and producing the singer’s new EP Somewhere in the Nowhere. “The first time I saw her perform, I thought she was like an alien. The most beautiful alien ever,” Lynch said in a press release. “[She] is not only a killer performer, she also has a great intuitive ability to catch a mood and find a melody that’s really spectacular.”

Of course this isn’t the first time the pair have worked together, in 2007 she featured on theInland Empire soundtrack, while in 2011 Lynch co-wrote and produced her debut album. On the grape vinyl, she’s also being touted to appear in next year’s hotly anticipated Twin Peaksreboot.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first musical endeavor for Lynch, having released two solo albumsCrazy Clown Time and The Big Dream in the past, along with an experimental rock album with John Nef, and writing and producing Julee Cruise’s first two albums. The first track from the EP Beat the Beat is out now while Somewhere in the Nowhere is due out on October 7.




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