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Rare hand-colored photos of Japanese samurai in the late 1800s

The military-nobility caste known as samurai — roughly meaning “those who serve” — emerged in medieval Japan as provincial warriors, and rose to control the country in the 12th century. As the enforcement arm of the ruling shogunate, the samurai were elevated to a position of privilege. Samurai followed a code of honor called bushido, […]

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The Intricacies of Chanel Airlines

Susannah Frankel checks into Chanel’s sensational S/S16 airspace to discuss the house’s globe-trotting new collection with Karl Lagerfeld “This is the idea of the way it [flying] should be,” said Karl Lagerfeld of the Paris Cambon airport that he and his team installed in the Grand Palais as backdrop to theChanel Spring/Summer 2016 collection. “And in […]

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