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Text: Aurélie Daviron

The luxury does not know the crisis and beyond, since said crisis exists, luxury is the only sector in constant development as they are happy to say it . How such it is possible nowadays growth and especially at what price?

There are several layers to the cynicism of the luxury industry – which we will call Pimp : and each layer of profits made Pimp to destroy human lives.

Pimp destroys at first the life of animals fooling in the passage the farmers to whom he buys that our society calls “Cattle” dehumanizing at the most the first victims of Pimp who are bought at a discount to farmers persuaded to grow rich while Pimp will sell a bag to the purchase price of the whole cattle while he represents only a “plot of land”.

Pimp then not hesitate to exploit men who will never have the possibility to afford the products sold by Pimp but they will be so proud to  work FOR Hermes FOR Chanel, Dior FOR …

Finally, and this is the layer that is interested in this exhibition, there are the buyer or the buyer instead which we’ll call Julie, to whom Pimp sells the dream. Julie does not have the education or the financial chance to access the famous hit bag she dreams –in front of social networks images  of the stars that appear in the Magazines- to walk casually on his arm, convinced that she is this Lady Avenue Montaigne.

Julie, do not hesitate to get suckered her breasts, botoxer lips will go to football stadiums in order to have the privilege to spread her legs in front of the most powerful men in the world or to get pregnant with a footballer to get his Holy Birkin and a pair of shoes in bright red soles. Julie will forget any dignity or at least, she will walk her  in the arm or her feet) so that in the street, people look at her  as she sees itself, as Pimp wanted that we see her, as the company whispered her that it was necessary to be . Julie is privileged one capable to offer herself Pimp. And while the gossip magazine will post(show) Julie as a great heroine(heroin), Girls will dream to become as her, ignoring that Julie hates her husband who deceives her and makes fun of her. Pimp will wash himself hands and, seeing his annual figure of affair(business) enlarging(getting ,growing), Pimp will continue – in the biggest silence – to kill animals, badly handled(treated) with the employees and to prostitute Julie who ask  – to be –only this ….





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