Supremacy comes from the people and that is the only thing I respect.

In order to regenerate Western Europe today, the center and the east will have to pass by a strong movement from Eastern Europe because everything has always begun from this wall that creates the separation between the invaders and us.

We need to re-establish tribes and tribes all over Europe to bring it to a common path and cause to regain our common sense and regain our autonomy by removing this already deadly system that is still dictated from the last two wars and also to a debt-creating economy that today represents more than 250 percent of China’s GDP, for example. While our leaders tell us that the Chinese will be the leaders of tomorrow, when they cannot even hold their own country. That is why they are trying to buy everything they can to steal the wealth and mineral resources that never have to meet their deficit. It is time for us not to have mercy on oppressing foreigners who take our land, because we should not sell the land of our ancestors, and we must turn everybody back that will not respect our traditions. Those traditions that are over 3,000 years old and even more when we see that NASA has discovered symbols that date back to over 7,000, 11,000 and even earlier 35,000 years ago.

Certainly though some of the incoherent explanations that underlie us at the feet of an industrial world today are just manipulations. It is clear to me that I will never be subjected to anyone who wants to bend over to this economic model created under the shameful foolishness of a fictional constitution, based on Napoleon’s codes that obediently reject it. Napoleon represents everything I hate, who has done nothing but to prostitute his people to endless wars for his selfishness and personal will. Napoleon took over power by forcing parliamentarians to keep prisoners and strengthened to sign the document for him to become consul and then to crown himself emperor. As can be seen in it, a democratic code to be followed under the famous slogan: Freedom of Liturgy and Brotherhood.

Supremacy comes from the people and that is the only thing I respect.

Judicial power must be free, respond to the people and have the means to judge based on the law of its equality and neutrality and today in 2017 it must be the sovereign of the world and of this land that is so expensive for us. Press and media misinformation should be stopped as their task is to inform on the real international and national issues. Today there is no country that follows a clear path and can say that it lives in the silence of economic and political stability. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Europe that was created is a real failure, the euro is more than a failure, which is why some countries that joined Europe do not want to turn the euro and I do not speak here about the UK that have decided to go out completely by voted for brexit that will cause many problems. The London Stock Exchange, which is related to that of New York, is a very important complex for Europe and without this financial market power, Europe will lose a big weight to trade in international markets both in assets and in relationship with the IMF or with the World Bank. What will make resident investors in UK tax-free on interest rates in Europe. Will they continue to buy bonds or debts of states in Europe while these debts will be more than unpaid debts because they will be overwhelmed by massive emigration and as the weight on taxpayers will always be that they will never have the means to cover interest costs that function as cars without a driver.

It has been a long time since intelligence has been replaced by mediocrity and the disadvantaged, whom I call subordinates who leave people in administrations waiting for weeks or months to get documents or to get a rejection when it is necessary to make decisions active in short terms of time. You need to know how to run such things. I often say a good employee has a good boss and is the same in all sectors not the opposite. It is not the horse that drives the rider, but the opposite. Training is done only in a way and the horse knows well that it needs a sequence of things like an army.

Can you imagine a soldier who receives an order from a lieutenant commanded by a colonel who says he will enforce the order later or will do it differently? Of course not, in the army you know that you put your life in the hands of others who will protect it and everyone will protect this wall that separates you from you so that you can sleep in peace because they protect your freedom and your right to live as a human being.

They give their lives to you without ever asking if they are risking their lives for you. They do this with the courage and persistence of you, to elevate your family to the freedom of a better life, and that your nation is every day stronger and fuller in its culture and identity. In fact, you were immersed under the call of so-called democracy, and to stop calling the US the place of democracy, we can mostly call the dictatorship of democracy. Try to see how the US system really works and see how many people are imprisoned for nothing.

As soon as you arrive at the airport you are promptly put in order to show you the strong system without mentioning the number of questions you make at customs. You have no idea of ​​the coming danger. Look in France too, this president who in a few months makes speeches by saying neither yes nor black or white, making deals on ecology and at the same time trying to sell nuclear back to Iran. What is going on in daily demonstrations and events and will lead France into a total chaos that will only worsen and will lead to investors who hate the social system and its problems, its burden that slaying domestic society with overflows with immigrants that is creating instability.

If there is no order in one country, investments are impossible. It is necessary to pursue a structured right path with key actors leading to support people and to progress with the same will, bring close to their people and promote job creation opportunities and a new economy technology. My grandfather told me one day after the fall of the Berlin Wall that communism was dead, but today is the end of capitalism, but instead we have never found a solution to create a new strategy to evolve and regain True values, on the contrary, we have developed a globalization to suppress the eastern nations we had just released to undermine their opportunities, and the West never stretched the east to the Balkans.

By contrast, the West has extended its hand to Africa, the Maghreb, Arab countries and Turkey by talking about bringing it into Europe even. As we continue to force Ukrainians, Albanians and other countries of the East to receive visas to come to Europe and we must annul all ties with our brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe to give our sworn enemies which have ruined and come only with traditions different from ours by imposing them and refusing their integration. In contravention of our brothers and sisters who would rather find comfort in the West after their years of communist dictatorship and fighting were rejected by forgetting that they continue to be oppressed by their leaders and from the West.

If Che Guevara would make a speech at the United Nations today, the first thing he would do would be a demise of foolishness and ignorance by referring to the so-called democrats under the fashionable outfits that look more like a penny than as heads of states.

Tomorrow if I had to make a speech at the United Nations I would just fight to look for and redefine the boundaries of this great Europe without forgetting all the debts of those who pledged after the fall of the Berlin Wall and that they never It pays. These promises with me will not have the same echo. My job is to fight for a new Europe that would only start east because the West has already died. Already makes me happy some countries like the UK have understood this and are in the process of divorcing with all the sacrifices they require even though they were the initiators of the project and we should be partners with them to create a collateral force.





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