Exclusive Interview of Jarl Ale de Basseville

Photographer : Shoky van der Horst represented by @Kaptive.fr
Grooming: Jacques Uzzardi @Kaptive.fr
Photo: Shoky Van Der Horst
You are against the system of escorts or prostitution and in your latest work you have been attacking this system? What made you be so against it?

How can I not be against it. I am against all this system because it is destroying the values of the society, the freedom of woman and it is creating a distorted view of the reality. I am not against about prostitutes who are doing this by choice and it is official, I am talking about the girls who are living a double life and lying. We are living in a time where there is the biggest consumption ever and the obsession with the fashion brands who has become a biggest pimp today. Brands don’t care about the creativity in fashion they just do whatever they can to use their name to manipulate the mind of the people. This is causing a false image for the people and especially for young girls. The phenomenon was spread out particularly with the social media where girls show their false luxury lifes in Instagram or Facebook and for those who see it from the outside its a life taken for granted. They don’t get the fact that you have to work a lot to get that life. For young girls seeing that from the social networks and the brands pushing them to buy luxury thing for a having a status, seems very easy and when they get confronted to the reality they fall into a circle of escort and prostitution. The only way to get a Chanel bag or a Louis Vuitton is to sleep with rich guys who on the other hand to sleep with a girl, especially with models that want to become stars, they are ready to pay anything. This girls for an IPhone, some vacations in Ibiza and luxury things are ready to sleep with anyone, even if they don’t like the guy, even if he is a fat or ugly or very old. They don’t care as long as they can have Gucci shoes to make a picture and show it on Instagram. The desire to become a star for everyone is huge and they are ready to do anything.  First of all in fact is inside the fashion industry. The models became escorts because out of hundred thousands that want to be only 15 really work. Since the modeling agencies are not telling the truth of how the business works and giving hope to thousands of girls when they are never going to do anything for them. The girls go to events and parties and choose the easy way to achieve fame. They have gone out of their families usually from poor families they come with a big dream to become stars. They are falling very easily then to this system of prostitution and escorts, where they are giving their body to anyone how promises them luxury things, castings, auditions.

What does it bring to society being against?

It should bring an awareness and make the people think where we are going. At the end the guy who is going to fuck with this girl who is wishing to get those promises he gave to her in two hours, she will get disappointed because he will throw her as a trash after and he will get with the next girl who whats the same thing. In the minds of this girls it will create a huge psychological problem who they are going to transmit to their children, their relations and the society. Since women for me are the future of the society I believe that we have to wake up and see this reality. Today this whole circle has created a system of escorts and prostitutes that I get to see everyday and it very disturbing because you cannot have a normal conversation, not to mention a philosophical or cultural discussion with those girl because all they are interested is how much you earn and what they can get from you.  If you are a girl, woman and you want to sleep with someone you choose to, you don’t become a victim of consumption and media. To get over-consummation is what Andy Warhol was saying in the 60’s and 70′ through the art concepts of Pop art, which we have been forgetting about it. What I am teaching the kids in an art school is that what Andy was telling about the consummation and over consummation we are living it today. So society should take a step back and analyse this situation and ask ourselves the question where are we going.

Photo: Shoky Van Der Horst
Photo: Shoky Van Der Horst
You have called your movement and you exhibition “No compromises”. Why No compromises?

No compromises comes from two different steps. First I have been part of the movement No future during Punk revolution in the late 70′ during the 80′ which was an artistic political movement. It was based on the fact tha we didn’t see no future and we were totally against the system, the hippie movement and all the shit of peace and love. With all the post problems of the war we were revolted and we wanted to say fuck off to all the hypocrisy. We were very different from the hippies we didn’t believe in everyone is good and everybody is kind, because it wasn’t true. We didn’t see any future in front of us, especially that at this time we were convinced we will not arrive till the new millennium 2000. The next step I saw coming as a continuity is No compromises. Firstly because today I don’t do any compromise with anyone and I want to say fuck off which is coming from the Punk movement too, I want to say fuck of to anyone who think they are because of their fucking big ego. But human beings don’t understand that they are not god. We just a piece of shit that today we think we are but tomorrow we are nothing. Especially the people who are managing the industry today they think they are untouchable and worst they think they are god but they don’t really see that they are nothing and that they can loose everything in an-instant. Human being is nothing, they thing they are the center of the world but they are nothing. We are saying No to this and we are not doing any compromises with anyone. We say fuck off to the system, to all the lies and to all the miserable and small people. Fuck their stupid little ego. Humanity has proved nothing, and they are so small in comparison to the universe.

The role of art today? What should it actually be?

First if all art doesn’t exist. It is a stupid ego of human being who think like he is creating art. It is a stupid concept of human system which they make museums and they “masturbate” in front of paintings or sculptures by saying how incredible and beautiful it is. Art is not supposed to be beautiful or commented like it is a pretty thing. Art has always been in all it’s forms the reflection of the world in a certain time. It is just a reflection of the power, politics,systems and a research of human being about himself. Today everyone wants to be an artist because they think is great. I think is bullshit, and if we start believing that we have to create beautiful things to “masturbate” in front of the ego or the over ego of humanity than we haven’t understand anything about art. Art should reflect the society and be always able to say no to the problems of society. It is the duty of artist to be politically involved like the expressionists, Bauhaus, dadaism, surrealists who fought for ideals and was revolted about the system. Art should be the reflect and the voice of society by bringing new concepts and new ideas through movements. An artist is someone who is educated and cultured in all fields that understands the problems in the essence and by this suffering he want to express himself by his art. I think that today we have lost this vision of art and we haven’t an artistic movement that attacks the problems of society today.

Photo: Shoky Van Der Horst
Photo: Shoky Van Der Horst
What is for you the freedom of the woman, what should it represent?

The freedom of women is obligated, it is something normal and evident. I don’t understand why we still talk about it today in the 21th century. Women and man are equal and there is no difference in their rights. This doesn’t mean for the stupid man to stop being elegant and a gentleman by opening the door to their woman. It has nothing to do with that. Man and women are equal I repeat and they have same rights and duties in the same time, because we all have duties to the society as well. We are all human beings and it doesn’t mean that you have a vagina and a cock that you makes you different. Women should realize her power though because she is the one that is bringing the life on earth, she shouldn’t let herself suppressed by man. She should be very careful and protect and fight for herself and her dignity. If she lets herself taken from the man who use her, who treats her bad and destroys her dignity she will be a lost girl and it creates a chain effect in the problems of society. Because we teach to women that she should sacrifice everything for her man, her children’s, she shouldn’t be independent and have her thoughts. This mentality is creating more and more unhappy and lost women which also missed a lost society an unhappy world.

What does the phenomenon of burka and those religious tendencies mean to you?

I believe every distortion of rules that is coming from any religion is bullshit. As Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov or Lenin said that “the religion is the opium of the people”. We still aren’t able even after the crucifixions and the religious wars in the history, to overpass the stupidity of religion in this century. For me religion is the most stupid thing invented by humanity and thinking that people are connected to god, which is still a Santa Claus story, believing that there is a man in the sky that manages everything is just naif. But it is great for the people to believe that something exists to know that they can control everything. And for me it is just a way for man to put woman in a square, in a box and like that she doesn’t move. And like that she doesn’t move, to say to her go home, stay there and I rape you, you cook for me and I beat you, I cover you with a burqa because like this I can control everything, what you wear what you say. On the other hand I will go and fuck horses and drink and take drugs. I think this is a big hypocrisy and I resit this. I don’t give myself the right to say what in the Middle east should do in their homes, but I don’t accept it in Europe. We never had this culture and I will always fight anyone who comes in our home and tell us what to do. I refuse to see women in burka in my country, I reject this in Europe. This is not us and if you are coming in our country and we welcome you, you don’t have the right to impose your culture. If you came here you adapt to our culture if not you go back to your country. So yes I am against burka because we were born naked and we have to be naked, we don’t have to wear burkas and hide on something false.

You have shot the pictures of Melaina Trump naked, what do you think of a possible first lady that shows herself naked?

I hope that all the first lady’s and presidents show themselves naked. It would be great. Nudity is part of the life and there is nothing wrong with that. Before we had the tradition of living naked and our culture is to be comfortable in nudity. I think we should bring that back and why not starting from those who are in power. Many people don’t show because they think they are ugly or fat, but grateful for Melania she has a great body even if it was retouched thanks to the plastic surgery. I think there it is great to show the beauty of the body in art and pictures. And if people judge a possible president or prime minister because her wife or he shows their body naked and they don’t judge politically than I think there is a problem with society. But if Hillary want to make a photo naked I can make her beautiful to thanks to my talent.

Mr. Trump said that for women in Europe nudity is normal, and you’ve been living years in America whats the difference with woman in America and women in Europe?

Firstly Americans are the most hypocrites towards this. They are the biggest consumers of porn in the world and  People forget about that even the Facebook and social networks are far away from this high consumption. And the porn industry in America is on the top floor. Puritans in America is such a lie because they say my girl naked no but on the side I will go and watch other girls naked or even fuck hookers. If in Europe in west there is more freedom with nudity is because it has been a revolution. With the punk movement, the revolution of the fashion industry in the 80′-90′ there has been a liberation from all the taboos of nudity. If artists in America are not allowed to show boobs, or any kind of nudity in the scene as a provocation in west Europe they can. Of course this is more in the west, because in the east there is still a big problem if you go on the beach naked or topless.

Is social network evolution or not?

It is an evolution but in the same time it is a prison. It is great because we can exchange things, ideas today much faster all around with friends, with other artists. But what is missing is that to have a real network through internet is not true, real network is when you meet the people, in the streets, through your friends, through your partnerships and you don’t do this through internet. And on the same time you have a lot of problems through social network  because there are a lot of hiding profiles that can say what they want and you have people who can insult and criticize because they are just mean. There is also the problem of pedophiles and people who use their profiles to catch girls. So basically you have the good side of social networks but many problems coming with it also which are a challenge to manage.

You come from one of the oldest European families and you are the descendant of a royal family. What is your political involvement and vision in Europe?

It is a complicated question. My dream is not to be part of any political party, because I know all of them and I know how the system works. It is a system based on lies and they all talk about republic, democracy but they don’t even know what they are talking about and they talk about things that doesn’t exist. We have to finish with all this system which has proved that it doesn’t work. We need to do a big war against this system and to wake up the people. We need to make big fight to rebuild Europe again as my family did from the 8th century.

Your book My duty will come out soon. What does it talk about?

It talks about my duties and my vision for Europe. It is a book that shows my philosophical ideas and my way to be. The way I grew up and what I believe. I wanted to speak to the people and wake them up to see our real values which we have lost. There are three ways to read it. You can read it superficially as most of the people will read it and doesn’t understand a thing. There is the group of people that will play the snobs and say they understand it and others that when they will read it will really understand what I wanted to say. There are many things people don’t know and no one talks about it. It is true that humans haven’t created much in this planted beside destroying the planet and there has been tribes that have created and developed the world. I believe we should get back to those tribes if we want to reborn again.

You paint, photography, fashion, produce music, produce movies, write? What it is like to have such creativity?

It is a big suffering, hate and big revolt. I think the creativity falls upon you as a curse. When you create it is not a beautiful thing it is a big sufferance and you feel like you want to die. Like Picasso was saying to his son that the talents and creativity is not contagious, I think it is something you cannot force yourself to do it otherwise you will be mediocre. Creativity for me is a constant political statement, a constant fight. It is my way to say fuck off. I don’t talk about it I do things to express it. People who talk for me they do nothing. When you create at least no one can say you did nothing. I am against many things that bother me, but I don’t only talk I do and create to wake up everyone, to make something remarkable that makes people raise many questions. I just wanted to create because otherwise I would have killed myself

Photo: Shoky Van Der Horst
What do you want to say to a women that is interested in you?

I want to say that usually they act very bizarre because I am too much in my moon that I don’t even see them. If she wants me to see her she has to be very interesting to catch my interest. Just a face, a body, some boobs and her ass doesn’t interest me. I am so deeply inside myself that I don’t even check in the street, in the club. I am not interested in you, you have to sit with me and be able to talk with me about philosophy and have a very rich world. Be honest and straight. If you catch my interest maybe we can see. If women think that by clapping their fingers and they can have any guy at their feet because they have a pussy than I would say it doesn’t work. Not only that but you devalued in front of me. You shouldn’t be easy if you want me to be interested in you.




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