A government under the orders of a Prince

Since I put a foot in Libofsha the Albanian government started to be interested  in this site and this is weird, as this place has never been on the focus of the government.

It was necessary that I decide to talk about it and declare that I want the independence of this place to create the principality of Alexandre in memory to Skanderberg so that the next day a dynamic of actions started happening.  They started cleaning the site even if they do not understand nothing what this archaeological site represents.

I discovered that my ancestors came here centuries in this region and that the energy that comes out of it is clear and much stronger that we can imagine.

As people can know or not know I am suffering from a double genetic disease which is a sign of the inheritance from the nobility as a result of  marriages between brothers and sisters for hundreds of years proofs my belonging to the oldest family in Europe .

I do regularly epileptic seizures and I take a very strong treatment based on several medications that I take every day but nevertheless since I have started to go in Libofsha I am making  perpetual crises because the energy is very strong and the concentration of spirituality there is so extreme. It is like negative and positive energies touch the very senses of each extreme like a battery.

It  is difficult for the human to understand this physical system but I am attracted by the energies in the world and the extremes of spirituality. This land belongs to the temples and ancestral orthodoxy of a lost world that believe it or not hides under a supernatural force.

This is why from the beginning I wanted to create an NGO and develop it with the United Nations to protect this archaeological site and natural site and to protect it from becoming  like its atrocities created by the Albanian governments or the Balkans who develop projects without respecting the nature and animals and humanity.

What will it remain for our future generations if no one is fighting against the obscurantism of its politicians who are only destroying. Through the principality it is a way to make a turn and save the European empire to create a new model, a new order. We need to redraw the Balkans and become the strongest continent in the world as we were before the war of 14-18.

Yes, maybe this can be far from you but you must know that we must fight together to find the strength to be in this fight and to go back to a duty of the kingdom that will draw the future of our land because we have all the possibilities to do so.

You the people of this regions who had suffered do not continue to be fooled by blind  promises that have no meaning and open your eyes to build together the world not of tomorrow but of today in serenity. Do not forget that without me Libofsha would never have been reborn if I had not fought and talk about it in the media because for years people had not done anything not even even set foot in this unknown land for them.




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