Hikari Yakitori Bar, Valencia, Spain

Confusion is easy, clarity is difficult. We keep repeating this because we see proof of it daily. We all do. We see and experience examples of this constantly as we encounter confusing concepts and inconsistent brands.

Luckily, there are always enough great examples of clarity to contrast this chaos and chatter, and to keep us going.

Photography: Luis Beltran

As before, Valencia, Spain-based design firm Masquepacio has delighted us with an example of this clarity.

It is Hikari yakitori bar, also located in Valencia. With Hikari, restaurateur-entrepreneurs Jose Miguel Herrera, Nuria Morell and Clara Vidal are expanding their business methodically.

Photography: Luis Beltran

Hikari means “light” and one of the aspects of the project that attracted us from the start is the lighting. Interspersed with Masquespacio-designed, locally manufactured lighting are both neon signs and technical fixtures.

Photography: Luis Beltran




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