How to become a supermodel? Recommendations Thomas Zeumer , who opened the world Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum

“Young people of Ukraine DNA incredible! On the streets of Kiev, I met many beautiful girls! “- Confessed to the founder ZMGT Global modeling agency.

Thomas Zoymer and photographer Ale De Bassevil arrived just a couple of days in the Ukraine, to begin work on the creation of the Ukrainian version of the TV show, known worldwide as the Supermodel Search. And while the young girls from all over Ukraine are preparing for the qualifying rounds, decided to understand that such a business model really is and how it works in the world.

JetSetter: Good afternoon, Thomas! Our congratulations! It is known that your agency has signed a contract with the former Miss Ukraine Elena Cosmina!

Thomas: Yes, it’s true. She’s a friend of my friend, and the whole year rather strongly urged to represent its interests.

JetSetter: What would you say about the last photo that Elena has published on his page on Instagram?

Thomas: Publications naked or half-naked body – this is very bad, they just should not exist in our business. After all, they do not say anything about the girl and do not mean anything. This is not art. I was very disappointed with this photo.

Unfortunately, a lot of beautiful girls with a huge potential to make mistakes, which can then be fatal. All of our business today is built on the slogan of girl power. And today it is not a walk in a bikini in front of hundreds of men, today it is the strength and power of women. Now the models are over 40 years old is still “in the ranks.” For example,  Christie Brinkley, which is 63 years old, is still on the pages of Sports Illustrated !

Returning to our subject. If she began to play and no longer carry out the basic rules, we as the agency will stop working with her. It will only mean one thing – it will never get a good job. In the case of Elena, I am not yet its official promoter, we only observe. I need time to understand whether it will be able to play by my rules. They are not that difficult – just do not take photos that are identical to it! It should be beautiful in its beauty. The essence of our work is not in sex, and in sophistication.

JetSetter: Which actress you are impressed by the modern world of cinema?

Thomas: Kristen Stewart. Her image in the first film, “Twilight,” which has made it popular, fall in love and made everyone believe that Kristen – a replica of the girl from next door. And what’s wrong with it now? It is incredible, and step by step turned into a persona that is fascinating. I did bet on a good career Robert Pattinson, his unusual beauty, but he did not deliver. The beauty Kristen saw opened and shown to the world, but only because she was lucky enough to fall into the hands of a good manager. You want to succeed? Then you have to listen. Many are lost, forgotten, listen to strangers and make mistakes.

Ale De Bassevil: The model must not forget the ultimate goal, and it is important to listen to your team! The manager will teach you to be what you need to be in the fashion world, it will make you a name, but can be destroyed in an instant, when some jerk in the form of your new guy will convince you that it is time to make a couple of “real” photos of the night and they will be the beginning of this career. He will do the photos at 4 am, and posted them to Instagram. And that is all! It was at this moment, he will destroy everything so painstakingly and carefully created by Thomas and his team.

Thomas: Did you know that 70% of the models that earn real money in our business in Eastern Europe. Why? Because they are hungry! In the beginning, starting from the receipt of a visa, it’s complicated. Any girl wants to see the world, and we can realize this dream into reality, or at least be given a chance. Promise anything you can not, because just to be beautiful – nothing. Yesterday I was walking through the streets of Kiev. Oh my God! You have so many beautiful girls, just incredible! Young people of Ukraine DNA incredible!

Ale De Bassevil:  In modeling an important quality for girls is perseverance. Knock at the door, knocking it ten, a hundred, a thousand times – and it will!

Thomas: Everybody says that the business model – the hardest job in the world. No! Why? You pay for what you look good, because doing sport and traveling! Everyone is talking about the incredible stress models in the world. But do not you have stress? And what will happen to this girl if she did not try himself in the modeling industry?

Ale De Bassevil: Will work in a factory? Before her eyes flickering to the same city, another day it will be similar to the previous one, its flat ostocherteet her while at work would get a boss. Is this life is not under stress?

JetSetter: What is it, the life of a professional model?

Thomas: Every girl can learn from models. They can tell you how to adapt in a foreign city in a foreign country on the other side of the world without knowing the language. To learn how to learn how to control their spending, to communicate with a lot of people a little crazy, but most importantly – learn to accept defeat, learn to hear the cracks.

Ale De Bassevil: Fashion industry is actually a small village where everyone knows each other. In it lives a lot of creative people, and all of them with a very difficult character. Here we do not teach each other, we work with each other, and each is special and strong character in this chain. Thomas – the one who knows how to deal with each of them.

Thomas: Our models can be up to 8 castings a day and all of them can result in failure. And they learn to live with it. I am a professor and teach at a university in Shanghai. I spend a lecture about the modeling industry, and is the main topic of conversation with the students – the ability to live with failure.

JetSetter: Why did you come to Ukraine?

Thomas: We plan to launch TV show Supermodel Search. It is already popular in the US, and now it’s time to look for new faces in Ukraine. Supermodel Search – this agency RV. The bus equipped with everything needed for a first frame, which will make you into a future star. Next we will go to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

JetSetter: Do you believe that each of your ward is worthy to become a supermodel?

Thomas: If I signed a contract with her, of course! My first major contract with Heidi for 300 000 dollars under threat of the failure. I have not told anyone this, but nobody agreed Klum work. I went with her portfolio around the world: Milan rejected it, in Miami I was told “No!”, Only New York has remained on the list. I connected all the connections and spent all his strength, but he did everything possible and convince them that Heidi – a real supermodel. What’s next? Working with Sport Illustrated and a contract with Victoria’s Secret. If you believe in your girl and she believes in you, such a relationship can be called marriage, and what did not make for the sake of its second half!

JetSetter: You can still call up to Heidi Klum?

Thomas: No. Last joint photograph was taken at Cannes last year, it was a chance meeting at a party. Models – real stars, they have their own lives, as well as I do. When crossing, hug, kiss, but that’s it. Eva Herzigova I met at the Fashion Week in Milan. She stepped on the podium along with Kendall Jenner. And what is interesting and what I said in today’s world modeling career does not end in 28-29 years! Eve, 43, and she still participates in shows.

JetSetter: In one of your interviews you said that the most important qualities that should have a real model  –  it is a passion, personality and uniqueness. Do you really think that Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hayley Baldwin possess these qualities? Or all the same in their case were instrumental rich and famous parents?

Thomas: The family and their name, of course, gave the start of his career, but they are really very nice girls. They received such contracts without their parents in the background? I doubt it.

JetSetter: What qualities must have additional models?

Thomas: Being a model means to be a good actress. We teach them not to replay. Notice how many are now models then become quite good actresses? The only problem is that any actress to be a good role dozens of unsuccessful movies, but if you are a successful model, all your audition to be considered under a magnifying glass. Another very important not to lose flavor, be mysterious to others. It’s like a marriage: no matter how much you are together, you have to remain a mystery to each other. As soon as your husband or wife will decide that they know all about you, you will not be interested in him or her.

JetSetter: What do you think about the model Halima Aden, which first came to the podium wearing the hijab ?

Thomas: If it works, great! If a girl wants to show the heritage of his people, there is nothing wrong!

JetSetter: Tell us, please, with any of the currently known models were the hardest work.


Oh! This is a difficult question. With all models, our team played hard work. I can say that was the most organized Claudia Schiffer, because she was German, which means that her schedule had to be agreed by the minute. Eva Herzigova, in my opinion, the most sexy, and it was incredibly easy to work with. Heidi Klum was easy to work, but her parents … Oh, my father, Heidi was sometimes very difficult.

JetSetter: Today you are in Ukraine, yesterday were in Paris, and 4 days ago you could meet on the streets of New York. What country do you consider your home?

Thomas: I still have a European and, most likely, will never be a real American, but my home – America, my wife is American. However, my parents still live in Germany, where I come from.

JetSetter: Are you working in a team your whole family. How do you manage to get along together in this difficult business?

Thomas: My daughter Alexandra – the brain of the agency. She is much prettier than me, much smarter than me and probably would not have hired me if it was not my daughter. My son Maximilian – future sports agent, he is for us an interesting person in the sport. Betsy – the most beautiful woman on the planet, which has agreed to be my wife. In the past, she worked as a model, was the face of cosmetics company Revlon, but when I opened my own model agency, she decided to end his career and devoted herself to the family and our children.

JetSetter: How do you relax? What draws strength and inspiration?

Thomas: I am an avid tennis player, my trainer – the father of Steffi Graf. I’m a big fan of this sport. And just I love to cook at home I’m the chef. Every weekend we are going as a family, and I set the table. And, of course, skiing! I can often be found in the ski resort of Lech in Austria. Colorado Mountains are also good, but they do not have the atmosphere and romance, which I feel only in Europe. Probably, I’m the last romantic on the planet.




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