I speak to you

Politics has always been fun, especially when I see how politicians who are in power behave. They are generally trying to leave a trace in history as if it were possible for them to be a Jul Cesar or a great Alexander. This is an absurdity because politics is not this, but it is a call alike as a priest who receives the divine call to do this duty because we no longer live for ourselves but for the people and above all as I have said before and as I have also written in my book, being a politician is a task, is a mission. For me it is even an obligation and it has always been a devotion because I do not see my life to be different.

I want to get away from this world by being fulfilled and looking into the depths of myself that I have done my job to the end. Today I think that I have lived everything in this life, everything imaginable and in this difficult time for the world I do not see my life different than focusing on giving to others. My self is not important and as I told you earlier on the day I wake up and will have the chance to ride on the horse that will allow me to reflect and take a step back to look at things in a wider view.

For everything else I prefer to give and concentrate on projects that will make things advance for the country for people and it fulfills me. There are many people around me asking me why you are investing in Libofsha, why would you build something there, we can show you another better place. All this makes me laugh because I live only on the basis of what I feel and the source of my energies and my spirituality and it is interesting when people tell me that in Libofsha has been murder, it means that people who have not seen Stanley Kubrick’s Shining film.

Living for me has been a great suffering in this world that is too small for me where I have always lived through philosophy and a total misunderstanding of the small human ego in every country of the world.

I arrive at the end of my life and feel to me through death the smell of the sea that blows on my jaws and reminds me of Plato’s writings and imagine myself in Hedegger’s visions in his most obscure thoughts on the needs of his earthly and universal imagination. What is our duty on earth? It is really so important to show everyone’s importance at a single charismatic moment as Andy Warhol said: this moment does not last longer than five minutes.

Yes, this moment of glory compared to a miserable life under the infantile infidelity of a desperate child who sees the falling fruit on earth and the only desire it is to protect that earth with his blood.

I never believed the value of a land decreed by a man who thinks he is right but I believe in the man who cares with his own hands as a farmer working in the field. I trust in him the lord over a horse, proud and elegant, who has taken his fortune in his hands and has assigned his territory with the force of the sword. I believe in the power of cavalry that for many can be overwhelming this, but today I cannot accept the inability of the disabled.

Give mediocre power through the voice of democracy is an endless mistake as the world cannot be guided by strengthened democracy. And ultimately what democracy means, these people are not tired of somehow to understand because in this word so important to them comes from ancient Greek which means demos-people and cratos-power but how do you wear it both to give a fair understanding, the power given by the people or power to the people. This reminds me of the famous translation of the virgin Mary, where the virgin word does not exist in Greek and the new word was later translated into virgin. We can clearly see how a religion or institution can only be built up with word games, but what is most important as philosophy tells us is belief or truth.

No more important than the truth, which serves as a rejoinder of the theological structure of politics under the ideology of a continent, a country, peoples, tribes that want more than all to be united in the good of to the worst in order to move forward.

We have created the United Nations to find solutions to gather nations together and in fact you do not know if you are the forgotten peoples, the people who suffer every day from the lack of hearing from your leaders that in neutrality they should be there for support you, to love and push you forward. They need to be ready to give life to you, to be in front of the war and not behind hidden in a house guarded by black-eye guards just because they are afraid of you, of those you have chosen.

It is not surprising that exactly these powers are guarded with bodyguards everywhere by you who brought them to power. Normally, this ruler should not be afraid of anything because he is elective and should be proud of being given the highest task, the transmitter of the message through you and the world. But unfortunately it is the opposite, everything is driven by fear, terror, anxiety, and hypocrisy, as today we are living in a world that is driven by fear, even though Shakespeare has said to be or not to be.

It is a laugh when he sees how E. Macron tries to conclude a contract with Iran over the nuclear and tries to push Trump to sign when he has been in the wrong for two months talking about the Paris treaty on climate change, the development of new economies based on ecological resources and organic opportunities.

Macron is trying to teach everyone how to do the economy when at the same time in France we are in the biggest crisis and he is cutting all the budgets.

I like to see politicians trying to teach everyone and not be able to solve their problems.

I ask you to judge me over the actions and not on the promises. If in six months I will not be able to bring everything I propose to you then you will judge differently. And if I were not able to do this I would prefer to die because I would have nothing more to do in this world where the “apocalypse” has just started and will not stop between the changing climate, the animals who are coming to die on our beaches, the collapsing economy, and the countries that develop mass murderous weapons since 1945. I hope to be able to put into operation as soon as all of my contacts to create in place your country a new model that will be an example.

And in the end I just want one thing to change my life on the beach in front of the sea and bury it there and keep listening to the music that Mozart’s Requiem sounds to me, which he never managed to endure for me.





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