It’s not a prince the one who wants

Unfortunately, in Albania and in the Balkans, but also in the eastern countries, the education of history in terms of nobility has been destroyed by many factors. Let me remind you of some points, even though a book should be written about it.

Indeed, titles of nobility are kept by noble people under the virtue of arms. They correspond to the origin and the exercise of the function delegated by Jarl, the prince of his state. Known and recognized noble titles are those between the 8th and 12th centuries. These titles are coded by the German Romantic Empire as you can imagine and all this is very complicated. In no case may be authorized, self-proclaiming or buying titles of nobility.

The Vatican and the Pope, as well as the Anglican and Orthodox churches played a very important role in the nobility of these centuries.

After arriving in Albania I was extremely shocked to find a gentleman named Leka who uses a noble title that was not approved and designated by the Pope’s orders, nor by the members of Versailles who refused the self-proclaiming of his grandfather as King of Albania.

Since at first it was Prime Minister and President of the Republic for me, this individual is an anti-Skanderbeg and sworn enemy, Ahmet Mustafa Zogu grew up from the Ottomans in Istanbul.

Luckily, Mussolini will remove him on April 8, 1939, and Ahmet Zogu will leave in exile stealing all of Albania’s gold.

An old scandal had already dealt with the Orthodox Church, and Im a Fan of Noli had demanded Ahmed Zog’s exile after he had killed deputy Avni Rustemi.

I am very sad to know that you have accepted a plunder, a usurper, this traitor, this thief who does not deserve a mausoleum in Tirana, but deserves not recognition by the people and his family’s exile forever to be burned as a symbol of the spiritual divine deliverance of the Albanian people.




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