Kristia Andreou for #utopiantofollow

My name is Kristia Andreou. I am a  Cypriot/Bulgarian painter and sculptor. I was born in February 19th, 1994, in Nicosia, Cyprus. But I grew up and live in Limassol.                                                       

In 2016, I earned my BA degree in Fine Art at the university of the West of England Bristol, Larnaca, Cyprus. After that, I took my MA degree in Fine and Applied Arts, in 2018. Throughout the years I have participated in many group art exhibitions in Cyprus.  

As an artist I like to experiment with materials and subjects. My artworks take a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Also my work is inspired from fairytales, myths, history and  of course the human figure and  portrait.          

I use a variety of materials and a unique process is being used in each project, but the methodology is always consistent. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the form of the art work.               

From a very young age until now I like to explore the relationships between form, space, light and shadow, dimensions, colors and perspective.  




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