KXIV Designs Adidas Ultraboost Sneakers Inspired by Herzog & de Meuron’s Beijing Olympics ‘Bird Nest’

Architecturally trained designer Nathan Kiatkulpiboone – aka KXIV – has designed the Nest Adidas Ultraboost with a nod to Herzog & de Meuron’s Bird’s Nest and PTW Architect’s Watercube, two of the main venues for the 2008 Olympics.

The upper shoe recalls the Bird’s Nest, while the sole resembles the Watercube. Or as described by KXIV, “The seemingly erratic textured upper with structurally systematic lacing sits on the bubble-like form and function of the Adidas Ultraboost sole.” Instead of a typical lacing system, “two continuous laces … loop around support points along the upper and around the heel of the shoe.” The laces are kept in place with a 3D-printed double-loop cinch and a lace-lock at the heel to keep the show from sliding.

Kiatkulpiboone, who has been designing footwear since at least 2009, is in good company; Zaha Hadid Architects, Ben van Berkel and other architects have also applied their architectural skills to the design of shoes.





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