Melania Trump un Agent ?

The Simpsons predicted many things in their series, amongst them Trump becoming president of the United States. Caught in the middle of the campaign, the followers of the “Make America great again!” slogan, were shocked when nude pictures of who they expect to become their first lady, Melania Trump, became public.

In the middle of the public hysteria that erupted, the followers needed someone to take the fall, anyone rather than Ms. Trump. The allegations of  Melania being photographed by a modeling agency, which in fact was involved in human trafficking seemed like the safest way to go. Well, here’s something new: What if, Ms. Trump is in fact a “sleeping” agent implanted by the Russian Secret Services? It was no news that Mr. Trump has ongoing projects in Russia, the Vodka, the Trump Tower, but we had no idea that his wife was on the list as well.

A recent piece by French journalist Louis Bretagne certainly shed some light upon it at

In his article, Mr. Bretagne explains how then who was known as Melanija Knavs, became the third Ms. Trump. Melanija, the very complimented daughter of Viktor Knavs, initially studying fashion design, was soon to become the wife of a White House candidate, or perhaps a bit more than just his wife, perhaps a “sleeping agent” since 1998.

“It is the newest joke that will make you laugh hard (but not that hard), the political environment in America, pretending that the former model was photographed at the time by our friend Alexandre Ale de Basseville, when we published a cliche in the corner of a bed, while she had already earned help to get the precious HB-1 visa, a very coveted work permit in the US, reserved only for university graduates, researchers and lawyers…” – adds Mr. Bretagne

Ms. Trump’s career in the fashion industry never took off, regardless of Paolo Zampoli, a free-lance fashion magnate calling in all his favors for her. Her career never took off, until she branched out into a different one: a secret connection with Paul Managort, former spy, Donald Trump’s doctor, Viktor Ianoukovitch conservator and Putin’s ally in Ukraine.

Hard to believe, but perhaps just a thought…




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