My visions

It’s awesome to see how people behave today, in mediocrity, and moreover, the younger generation. I have spent my life traveling and I have heard the same absurdities of style, be careful because this place or another place is dangerous, but the question is for whom and why. This means that I must be forbidden in this world where my predecessors have once invaded and become kings and that my people have long sought after, reforms over the centuries. I assure you I’m not afraid because I was born with a double genetic disease. I have already died since I was six months old when I did the first convulsion and when I went to the official deaths according to doctors.

So I was born with Damocles sword over my head and lived all my life waiting for death. Of course for this reason I have traveled around the world to know more about the humanity that unfortunately I have seen it as a servile and decadent, ready to do everything for its ego. This is mainly in large cities, because among the villagers I have felt a desire to live, to fight to feel the energies and to guide the spirits of nature. The fear of others has always made me die of laughter, the child of the devil, with the arrogance of the man who fears death, while I am already imprisoned in this body that is not mine.

But we only see what we want to see and hear just what we want to hear, but today all the people who talk all day about democracy make me vice. Had they forgotten their story more than forgetting the strong historical passages of their countries, which were covered with wars and blood? All this is a distortion of the new order that makes you believe in a peaceful existence and make you live on a debt driven by the great financial master who in any case no longer has the hand over the world is lost in a facility that does not work anymore.

Yes, this world is lost and there is no way out, we are stuck in a dead end. There are many people on earth and it’s not enough for many people and for those who want to have virtual money with a diminishing lifespan. War is approaching and the end of the world is the result of a state that in no case can be prevented by anyone.

The truth lies in the complete destruction of everything because man has appeared to himself and believes that he dominates the world as ever, while he must be grateful for what the world gives. Instead, he steals everything to give in exchange a bundle of rubbish from which we can no longer divide, which encircle and pollute the earth to the extent that scientists are working today to send debris into space. If it was not enough to pollute the soil, we would also pollute the space now. I say “good” for all this. Today I want to live in a world that welcomes me and that is truth and not in a world where everyone is hated, despised, stolen, and shows no one cares for their own word, where nobody seeks the essence but the surface.

I want so much to ride on my horse and ride just under the wind breeze on the beach, in a freedom that no one can get me and where I feel I live without worrying anyone, under the beauty of nature and the respect of others.

Whom I do wrong in such moments. I just want to get away from this world by sharing a light of thought with others. Anyway, I will die quickly because it is in the queue of things and my disease spreads in my brain. I want to live the last moments in the fullness of the excitement of a happiness of the philosophical spirit, but I cannot accept today the acceleration of the ego power that one day will destroy you. One day you will probably remember what I’m telling you, perhaps for a long time, and maybe it can be translated badly or misrepresented, but at least I’m writing myself while I’m alive.

I have not realized this oath of my family until today when the moment of destruction is coming and we have to disappear. It is clear to me that I see that only in this year 400 whales and 50 dolphins are allowed to die on the banks, making me realize that nature is full and has become one without the possibility of salvation. I cannot fight all against the unseen and that I’m too tired to hear the swindlers, while I’ve made a book in that sense. So I prefer to disappear and to leave where I came from.




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