There are two kinds of meals. One kind is to eat what the body desires to preserve life (and satisfy hunger). The other kind is to eat what your senses desire (gastronomy). In this era of satiation, many people live only with gastronomy. Narita is fully aware that desserts have significance of existence only in gastronomy. Therefore he is always conscious of the role desserts play in the world of gastronomy.

It is said that the beginning of restaurants dates back to the French Revolution when chefs who used to be hired by aristocrats started to offer cooked meals for regular citizens. A similar situation is happening now in the world of gastronomy as desserts of Michelin starred restaurants are becoming more easily accessible at specialty boutiques and bars catering to an audience who is happy to skip the main course and dive right into dessert.

On display at his own dessert boutique ESqUISSECINq is Narita’ s meticulous artistry and bold imagination, preserving the world view of plated desserts while adding new repertoire in a fine selection of gâteau (cakes) and chocolates.

Kazutoshi thinks the full course of a French meal is well calculated and in line with human needs as the first dishes have milder taste and the taste becomes stronger towards the end while a series of salty dishes turn sweet at dessert. A piece of Gâteau following a light lunch of sushi or soba (buckwheat) noodles popular in Japan needs to be different in sugar content, volume and texture from a plated dessert eaten after a full dinner course with meat.

Narita’ s approach to desserts are based on his basic ideas: • Gâteaux are offered as takea way dessert and its shape and taste will be adjusted accordingly • Demi sec is to supplement body energy while supplementing sugar • Creation of breads and chocolates will be controlled through fermentation The work of Kazutoshi covers various aspects of pleasure as he is a boulanger, pâtissier and chocolatier all in one.



François Mouclier

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