Naro Pinosa for #utopiantofollow

His followers within the gigantic Instagram platform count in thousands, where praise in the form of comments unfolds like a beautiful skirt that covers the bottom of each of the seductive works that daily uploads to the network. He calls himself Naro Pinosa. Your weapon: the digital collage.

Coming to the world under the Levantine sun (Crevillent ) in 1979, he devoted his professional maturity to laboratory techniques, although he always resorted to art as an inseparable companion of his existence. Our protagonist is attracted by the cinematographic discipline, obnubilado by the photography that in this inhabits.

Despite being an avid creator, only a year ago he decided to focus on photomontage, using social networks as virtual galleries in which to publish his production.

The human body is its foundation, especially the masculine, but without neglecting the feminine slenderness. These fuses them with multiple elements from computer programs such as Photoshop, as well as different applications for mobile (LINE camera or Cymera) focused on the manipulation of images. Any wonder that nature generates is a faithful ally of the individual: the fauna – in a living state or lacking in pulse, already in its bones – the flora, inhospitable landscapes, leafy fruits of the trees, vegetation and outer space. The former replaced in their collages certain parts of the organism, just as Magritte hid pictorially the faces with veils and apples. In this sense, Naro Pinosa opts for the waves of the boiling sea, the feline fauces or the birds of the dream paradise, acquiring the identical feeling of restlessness that the Belgian scrutinized from the surreal aesthetic, whereas the Alicante add an erotic ingredient In extremis own of contemporaneity.

Sex appears in the front row, although curiously it works as background. It is not explicit, it is disguised and suggested. He represents it by delusional facial gesture and emptiness; A depth we wish to penetrate mounted on a horse at a gallop runaway, just what comes to be the intimate relations between fellow beings.

Pornography is dominated by the History of Art, going to different eras and the so-called “styles”, from the mysticism of the Italian Renaissance and the national Baroque through canvases and frescoes with homoerotism, leather and bondage, Through the provocative French realism of Courbet, the popular icons of the twentieth century, and a major role assigned to the classical sculpture of the Ancient World and its reinterpretation during Modern Art.

Busts, numismatics, torsos, glúteos and Greek profiles protected by Corinthian helmets serve as a continuation of the current artistic photography as a puzle, whose pieces are perfectly coupled. The skin diffuses with the marble, causing the rock extracted from the quarries to lose its inherent coldness.

Naked is beauty in itself, of course, in one of its many meanings. When it comes to art, the result is Naro Pinosa.




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