ORA converting 16th-century property into a guesthouse

In transforming a 16th century-Czech Republic residence into this guesthouse, local studio ORA celebrated an assortment of original details including old plasterwork, semi-circular windows and stone steps.

The Štajnhaus Guest House is located in the former Jewish quarter of Mikulov, a town in the Czech Republic’s South Moravian Region.

The original property was built in the Czech Renaissance period – the completion date is not known, but it dates back as far as the 16th century. However it had undergone a series of alterations over the years.

“The house had been badly changed throughout time and also the communist regime,” told architect Jan Hora. “But a lot of details had been kept hidden in underlying layers.”

Finishes in the property also work to complement the history. Tiles and furniture are made out of recycled wooden beams and bricks. Bed frames and lighting are made out of lightweight rough steel, which the studio has shaped into “abstract frames”.




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