(jeune) clientèle ? Les destinations qu’Air France veut toucher!

TOURISME – Quand un “Millenial” part en vacances en Europe, où va-t-il? C’est la question que semble s’être posée Joon, la nouvelle compagnie à bas prix d’Air France, pour définir ses premières dessertes. Selon Les Echos, pour séduire cette nouvelle clientèle de 18-35 ans hyper connectée, Joon commencera par acheminer des vols vers Barcelone, Berlin, Porto et […]

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Après plusieurs villes espagnoles, italiennes ou croates, c’est au tour de San Sebastian, dans le pays basque, de manifester contre le tourisme de masse ce jeudi Victor Fraile / Reuters Après plusieurs villes espagnoles, italiennes ou croates, c’est au tour de San Sebastian, dans le pays basque, de manifester contre le tourisme de masse. TOURISME […]

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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019

SAINT-PAUL-DE-VENCE, France —Accustomed to showing his Louis Vuitton collections in the majestic surroundings of the Louvre museum, Nicolas Ghesquière opted for an equally exceptional, but altogether more confidential, art destination for his cruise display on Monday. Guests including Emma Stone, Jennifer Connelly, Léa Seydoux, Justin Theroux and Ruth Negga trekked up to the southern French […]

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Ashley Tisdale on Her First Acquisition and Cruelty-Free Makeup

Ashley Tisdale is getting down to business. The actress and influencer has acquired her makeup line from BH Cosmetics. The line, called Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale, will operate as a stand-alone lifestyle business going forward, and is about to undergo a re-brand, Tisdale said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Tisdale said she bought the […]

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MANY, INCLUDING ME, have cited parallels between Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press and the internet. As with blogs and Facebook posts, the printing press meant written thought and communication, and its wide distribution, was no longer the exclusive province of an anointed clergy. The voiceless gained a voice, sparking the violent and centuries-long turmoil of […]

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Le message codé de Poutine à Mmes Merkel et Macron

Après Angela Merkel, Brigitte Macron a reçu un bouquet des mains de Vladimir Poutine. Bien que le porte-parole du Président russe ait mentionné la tradition russe d’offrir des fleurs aux femmes, des fleuristes ont rappelé à Sputnik le langage des fleurs et ont su déchiffrer les messages transmis par le chef du Kremlin à ces […]

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Snowden: personne n’aime autant Poutine que… Trump

Personne n’aime Vladimir Poutine autant que son homologue américain Donald Trump, estime Edward Snowden, ancien agent des services de renseignement américains. Edward Snowden, ancien agent des services de renseignement américains, ayant obtenu l’asile en Russie après ses révélations concernant les programmes de surveillance de masse aux États-Unis, estime que le locataire de la Maison-Blanche est le […]

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“We detected a very rare type of emission called hydrogen recombination laser emission, which is only produced in a narrow range of physical conditions,”
Dr. Isabel Aleman
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Mysterious Lasers Coming From Space

Scientists from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Herschel space observatory have spotted two strange lasers emanating from the star system. The extremely rare phenomenon is connected to the death of a star and for the first time scientists have found that stars emit powerful lasers before dying. The Ant Nebula earns its nickname from the twin lobes that look like the head and body of an […]

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Trump’s Blocking of Twitter Users Is Unconstitutional, Judge Says

Apart from the man himself, perhaps nothing has defined President Trump’s political persona more than Twitter. But on Wednesday, one of Mr. Trump’s Twitter habits — his practice of blocking critics on the service, preventing them from engaging with his account — was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in Manhattan. Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, addressing […]

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Studio Swine launches living and breathing scientific sculpture at Eden Project

In the heart of Cornwall at the Grimshaw Architects-designed Eden Project, the London-based multi-disciplinary creative duo Studio Swine (made up of Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami) opens a new permanent installation on 25 May. ∞ Blue (Infinity Blue) is an 8.5m high ceramic sculpture containing 32 vortex cannons, programmed to exhale synchronised scented fog rings, inspired by the earth’s prehistoric atmosphere from five billion […]

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