Parliamentary Europe

The political world preaches the democracy. But which is it today if it is not a word used too easily by the dark or poor spirits?

I cannot any more accept the members of Parliament of today who come from abroad to teach me lessons and learn what the French revolution represents. It is by fear that we will be able to oust the weak ones and to uncover the cowards, because only could remain the defenders of the rights of our nations Vikings, Celtic and Gothic and not be weakened by European antagonisms more.


The Parliaments live and vote to the detriment of the people of Europe and still do not understand the rationalistic quality of the separations for a great empire… For the Empire. That it is Normandy, Transylvania, Catalonia, Basque Country, Brittany, and Sicily… All have the right and the duty to organize regional committees making it possible to make decisions faster as well economic as political and of course military, especially when islands are threatened by an excess of immigrant coming from one oneself saying new democracy as one wants to make us hear it. I do not want to be any more ashamed of what I am and I will not be weak in front of members of Parliament who reduce our people in slavery since too long. It is time for us to begin again what is with us and not to ask whether they are of agreement or not. But by the ballot boxes to recover in our campaigns. We should not any more pay the expenses and organize only one and even Europe which lives only through our traditions. It is this identity which carried out the people to revolt and take up arms to live in the growth of a patriotic liberalism often badly understood where some can find their aspirations erroneous.


We are not old Europe but a nation in charge of History lends to reconquer the world and which at all does not need the others but which carries out the world. This ground turns thanks to us. We are the creativity, the spirit, the vision and the bursting of an image constantly in search of a knowledge to make which characterizes us. Today what can it arrive to us of worse when one sees tearing of each one and the mediocrity of those which control us at the point to be made write their text so much they did not take in question the concept which should animate them and are only puppets with the service of groups which in fact directed and are spirit to be made eat by others which want a share of this appetizing cake.

The intoxication of a one day victory cannot be the apotheosis of a nation but the enthusiastic clamors of the people show at which point the ideology and the practice of a leader can be the way which leads to the resurrection of the policy and the action of this one on its own economy as long as on its vision of foreign growth.


What is it spirit to occur? Well… All these governments which follow one another lead us to the ruin. And the worst, by all the ways which they can find. Then you will tell me but which their interests well the groups which are behind their make believe has important rooms in the future state of a new world order which would be directs by companies not secret but elitist or to return it is necessary to have certain assets in the hands.


The members of Parliament are the culprits whom you seek because they glorified governments which had only one idea at the head: that to be maintained with the power to control a pseudonym authority however betrayed thousand times and using all the facets which could all the more lead them to control these poor spirits.


In fact, I will make you a comparison with the media. A few years ago, a number of poor consequent returned in the media and the leaders liked them because they were quite simply leather rounds. The problem it is that since this moment, there is neither creation, nor innovation and we bathed in the reconditioning of products already given loans with employment. I will not quote the person who will recognize herself and who told me that one day, in its recording company, it had made listen to a music on which a poor art director had told him that it should take again “some notes here and there”.

And of course, this person was going to be carried out when she preferred to go to live her weekend end on her side, returning to the label Monday and making play back the same song. Without nobody touching there, the art director gratified himself of this new version which he thought of being a tube. Here exactly, with the image of the economy, which is the policy.





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