Peter Zumthor’s stilted Zinc Mine Museum photography by Aldo Amoretti

These new images of the Peter Zumthor-designed Zinc Mine Museum were taken by Barcelona-based photographer Aldo Amoretti during a winter trip to southern Norway.

Zumthor designed a series of buildings for the site of the former Allmannajuvet zinc mines in Sauda, and they opened to the public for the first time in late 2016.

Amoretti visited the museum during November 2016, shortly after the opening. He created his images of the three buildings over four days, using a Canon 5DS camera with a tilt and shift lens, which helps to avoid perspective distortion.

“I tried to capture the relationship between the geography and the history of this place and the Zumthor’s architecture,” Amoretti told Dezeen.

Zumthor has established a cult following over his five-decade career, despite keeping a famously low media profile. 

His stilted museum buildings cling to the rugged terrain bordering a tourist route that now runs past the disused zinc mines. The mines were in use for only 18 years, before being shut at the end of the 19th century.

Zumthor also worked with the late artist Louise Bourgeois on a stop off point for another of Norway’s National Tourist Routes. The Steilneset Memorial commemorates suspected witches, who were burned at the stake on the site during the 17th century.




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