Pompei was only a warning!

Through the many trips I have made and the truth I have been to many, I can say that I’ve been around the world three times, and sometimes I’ve been in the same place more than seven times and in some places I’ve lived and in some others have stopped to set up nightclubs, restaurants and hotels of many different activities. It is true that I’ve always been warmly welcomed by residents and governments because they have always felt to me that desire to create this feeling that has made me always live.

It is also true that in some places my pagan rituals were first seen with doubt, but afterwards I began to learn the inhabitants of each country as it was important for me to understand that these rituals are the source of spirituality far beyond collective conscience. Philosophy has always been to me the art of mastery of under conscience and the development of supernatural superiority. I have always noted in deep regret that this was unknowable and incomprehensible to humanity.

But my sole research was in the view of the unexplainable, because as I say in my book I wanted to know everything about everything.

This one day even my grandfather got angry when I was seven. After calling me to his office where he was under the friendship of his close friend Guy de Rothschild, both turning a glass of cognac accompanied by a cigarship asking me what I wanted to know. And I answer, I want to know everything about everything, he answers that this was impossible, but I kept insisting that I wanted to know everything about everything. Since then my quest has been to understand nature, animals and their movements, astronomy, physics, chemistry and so on. My development in relation to nature will create a considerable awareness of me and through my trips amidst Amazon’s forests will create a strong reaction to the onset of epileptic crises. My discoveries and people accompanying me in the temples in the woods woke me all the more and more to the strongest ties I have with animals and animals, as if they felt I was sick. All this will develop a very strong relationship with them and will create to me a very great suffering we call philosophy and this is not about the personal ego but with a philosophical search of the inner structure of a part the brain did not make the most of it.

Since I grew up and lived without other kids around, but I’ve always been in an environment of grown-ups who have taught me to write and read too early in different languages ​​and these adults were assured that the only thing I should be interested in was knowledge of everything. I had to learn everything I was giving and then I had to talk to those around me every day, these were Jesuits, Franciscans, Dominicans, and Benedictines with the sole purpose of getting knowledge of enlightenment.

Mediocrity and naivety has never been part of my circle.

I have always wanted the impossibility of absolute truth because I was just interested in it, I was never interested in ordinary children’s games creating a kind of loneliness that would then result in a worship and love for my horses and the animals that I have had. Of course, long walks with my horse have been important spiritual moments where I could concentrate on what was beyond. My education certainly was very different from that of my children because it was a very tough preparation. Ever since my arrival in life there was a kind of worship to me of what I represented. All this frightened me and created in me the desire to leave and explore this material world so unknown to me despite my grandfather’s will. My will was translated into a decision made before my grandfather answering that no one knew what Jesus had done during the age of 15-30 and as a result I realized that I needed to live and enjoy a life of experience and knowledge of this world.

Soon I started to be interested in climate change, through my travels to Antarctica until Patagonia, I quickly realized by going to Tanzania that animals and the extinction of waters in certain regions are an essential engine for our survival.

Ozone layer and climate warming today pose a great problem that I believe many of you have heard almost every day but that you may not be able to make a synthesis of the situation, so I make a brief summary of it which is happening to the earth. A very simple example that you will all understand is the tool that we use almost every day in the daily car. As you know all cars have a cooling system called radiator. Imagine if this radiator starts to fill with holes, little by little the radiator will start not doing the job well and will not be able to cool the engine until it reaches a moment where the engine will explode. This example is exactly what is happening to the earth and the ozone layer. This layer has the function of cooling the ground that is as you may well know a ball of fire, filled with volcanoes that explode from time to time to release gasses the same as your car. This ozone layer today is destroying day by day by the toxic gases produced by humans through carbon gasses, among other things, which are the most dangerous gazes, and many industrial nations continue to use it today.

After the Paris Agreement on ecological developments that these countries had to take measures, there was no result, and no measures have been taken to change these countries any kind of activity. This is evident with daily traffic in big cities, but also with toxic oxygen discharges in nature. Of course, I am trying to make a reminder of the situation and a summary so that you can easily understand what happens and why how. Earth This fire ball is cooled by a complex system from a cold source surrounding the earth and covered with a molecule that prevents it from evaporating. What happens with the holes created in the atmosphere will create a dangerous hydrogen power and this can make you understand that the more garbage we create will make this giant machine stop working.

Different animals such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles that die at the shores across the world indicate the outcome of a biodiversity that is rejecting this massive pollution that has been shed on the seas and oceans and above all create a warm water existence and cold, creating hurricanes as you’ve seen last week with hurricanes Irma, Josef and recently with Hurricane Maria, creating a chaos where people are no longer able to live without electricity without water transforming everything into an all-encompassing chaos in a wider atmosphere where massive thefts and mass destruction of the population begin.


To correct all these, it is necessary to create new sources of the ecological development system that create electricity structures and water pumps that develop a permanent recycling autonomy. Some tests have already been implemented in patagons where these services are real solutions already.

The sea grinds the banks every day and will not stop as long as it will advance and is the famous instructor Haroun Tazieff through his research on volcanoes by proving Mediterranean sea movements and significantly changing current land.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Albania and the Balkans that originate from nothing or nothing as a result of decades of communism and war. It is time to make this peninsula a testing environment for new technologies and new ecological systems which is impossible in the West now where people live in a system that I would call feudal where no one would change any of the habits of their anti-ecological and unnatural consumption. The development I propose to the United Nations with the help of an NGO, billionaires today wanting to do something to change the system, invest and support our projects to create a new economy in the form of financial products and of course in speculative reports in stock markets. Creating employment through educational learning systems in the field that are already deployed to some NGOs in the form of tests in African countries by large oil groups. We are currently doing this for the Libofsha area.

I expect you to come together to take advantage of these opportunities, because this is an opportunity for Albania and the Balkans to create a new economic structure, giving governments the space to create in cooperation with each other.

I remain at the disposal of anyone who would like to develop the opportunities with us and of course in the development with the President, Chamber of Deputies and advisors who are essential to the development and realization of a new geo-political economic system.

Nature is stronger than us and we are only poor people capable of doing the worst.






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