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Parliamentary Europe

The political world preaches the democracy. But which is it today if it is not a word used too easily by the dark or poor spirits? I cannot any more accept the members of Parliament of today who come from abroad to teach me lessons and learn what the French revolution represents. It is by […]

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 Juan Jerez, le photographe qui parcourt le monde mobile en poche

Chronicles from #Arles Day 2 #HuaweiOOArles #HuaweiP10 #rencontresarles #rencontresarles2017 A post shared by Juan Jerez (@juanjerez) on Jul 4, 2017 at 10:40am PDT Juan Jerez parcourt le monde son appareil en poche, mais possède surtout un œil de photographe toujours sur le qui-vive. Originaire d’Andalousie, il a vécu en Espagne et en Italie, pour finir par […]

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