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How Do You Say ‘Fake News’ in Russian?

Russian news sites portray the U.S. presidential election as a prelude to civil war. The Russian media is obsessed with the American civil war. No, not the one that erupted in 1861 over the secession of the South—the civil war that’s coming with the next U.S. presidential election. More than 30 articles were published in […]

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Robbie Williams is ‘selling his soul’ to Putin

Pop star Robbie Williams is “selling his soul” to “dictator” Vladimir Putin by performing at the World Cup, according to some of the UK’s leading Russia-bashers. ‘Party like a Russian’ singer Williams was confirmed earlier this week as one of the line-up to appear at the World Cup opening ceremony at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on […]

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Snowden: personne n’aime autant Poutine que… Trump

Personne n’aime Vladimir Poutine autant que son homologue américain Donald Trump, estime Edward Snowden, ancien agent des services de renseignement américains. Edward Snowden, ancien agent des services de renseignement américains, ayant obtenu l’asile en Russie après ses révélations concernant les programmes de surveillance de masse aux États-Unis, estime que le locataire de la Maison-Blanche est le […]

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Melania Trump un Agent ?

The Simpsons predicted many things in their series, amongst them Trump becoming president of the United States. Caught in the middle of the campaign, the followers of the “Make America great again!” slogan, were shocked when nude pictures of who they expect to become their first lady, Melania Trump, became public. In the middle of […]

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