Often they ask me how I would manage a country’s taxes, above all in relation to debt and the problems of different classes. It is not necessary to follow the European model which is a complete failure and has not done any reconsideration of the system in recent years, but we have to evolve towards the American system by improving it with two taxes, those who work and who since have an inheritance. Those who work should be placed on the same scale as those who work in or out of the country or reside with a mutual agreement, such as the US, which means that not all US residents will have to pay their taxes to the US except for those who are superiors and, of course, in their resident countries, with the tax return system on vat because each one represents a corporation.

As regards inheritance, it is necessary to apply the same approach as for those living inside and outside the country, the declaration of the property should be done in the same form and on it will be applied a deforizable tax with a condition to be invested in the Sovran fund of the country under the form of bonds, meaning in the form of “business angles” which will create shares and shareholder quotas of their gross domestic market shares in their countries, but also shares in the investment markets of companies foreign currency having commodities with the respective states, border countries or foreign ones.

Because their foreigners will not be taxed, they are given the option of a disbursement, making their tax a significant leverage for employment in their country, but also for their personal investment and actively contributing in developing the economy of the geopolitical structure facing the World Bank and the IMF. Both allow the development of a debt given to the creation of an important credit in relation to the country’s mineral resources and organic agriculture, as well as the development of more economical products in sectors such as handicrafts or high-tech products. These measures are adaptable thanks to a sovereign fund which, thanks to a government and a trading platform, develops an economic structure capable of developing retirement funds, covering funds and bonds, and securities and all derivative products.

For the less wealthy, this allows them to develop what is called savings account on guaranteed capital with an equivalent to or greater market evolution and its inflation to a minimum of 1.5% to 2.5% profitability. In the following, current accounts can be rewarded based on 0.25% if you are above a ceiling set by the sovereign fund. In the USA, for example, this ceiling is $ 1000.

This way of tax evasion is first and foremost the first way to solve the problem of GDP and to prove that it is possible to find a low-cost tax system that everyone benefits, from salaried to inheritance by giving each of us the means to push the country forward, to be together in the direction of the country and to find a way out, creating full stability to the international monetary institutions and creating a significant investment development for companies and individuals to structured their legacy and building bridges in the industrial economy, whether in Europe or in the world as a satellite.

The advantage is for the people and the government doubles and investors such as companies, banks, insurance companies, cars etc.

Consequently, all are obliged to enter the rails, respecting bilateral or European or international agreements, as recalled by various parliamentary chambers in Western-led countries to propose the same products. For example, for health insurance, this will provide social coverage for everyone in the country where there will be a fixed price from the sovereign fund in agreement with the government to manage a retirement fund in mandatory global markets, as do Americans with pension’s pensioners. The state will be able to provide security to people in hospital networks for a safe retirement in line with inflation for all.




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