‘The essence of leadership is not in command, but in service.’

The image of women has change over the years, today they have the right to choose and to be chosen. Huge progress for the capitalist system we are now.

But what is the truth behind the strong women of our nation? The real life they are living right now? The difficulties they are facing ?

The truth is that we are in a terrible moment, women the ones who have to be safe and warm and taking care of the kids, they are in the street, in the coldest road that this cowardice politicians build for them, out to find a way to make that bit of money for their kids, in the cruellest way ever. The only thing this system of politicians have made for their people is pushing them down and then walking up on them. Walking on the body of the people who vote for them, who trust in their words. What they have to understand is that :
‘The essence of leadership is not in command, but in service.’

This is why a fundamental change is necessary. At the risk of sounding reactionary and outdated, let me say this clearly: The first, best, and most suitable place for the women is in the family, and her most glorious duty is to give children to her people and nation, children who can continue the line of generations and who guarantee the immortality of the nation. The woman is the teacher of the youth, and therefore the builder of the foundation of the future. This is her highest mission.

This would be the  beginning of a new Albanian womanhood. If the nation once again has mothers who proudly and freely choose motherhood, it cannot perish. If the woman is healthy, the people will be healthy.

Woe to the nation that neglects its women and mothers. It condemns itself. Woe to this cowardice, the day of their adjudication is approaching.



Jorvik Party

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