The parties must go!

The parties must go! The political hacks must be thrown out of their chairs. We will give no pardon. We will not allow Albania to sink into disgrace or darkness anymore. We will give back to this great country  a reason for its existence, a meaning to life. That is why you men and women are in the streets, fighting, you created an army of  thousands. Never has the Albania capital seen a popular movement of such force. You have come here from everywhere. I know, comrades, that there are some among you who do not know where tomorrow’s meal will come from. We have shown these materialist party hacks that idealism is alive in our Albania. We have shown them that even in the midst of hunger, sacrifice, and need, the people can be shown the way to betterment. We solemnly raise our hands and pledge:

As long as we breathe, we are obligated to our nation and to our duty: taking back our lands. Loyalty to the people, loyalty to the idea, loyalty to the movement, and loyalty to the leader! That is our pledge as we shout:




Jorvik Party

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