The right of blood!

After communism and civil war you have devoted a superhuman effort to revitalize the country and this has put you in a considerable debt. The West has not helped you and no one has given you your hand and no one will do it for you. The finance world will sink you into a debt that will allow those who direct it to get you and take everything away leaving you dry bread and make you feel less than a nutshell. But the products and resources of your nation are far bigger and more important than you can imagine. Today it is important to denationalize all companies so as not to leave anything to strangers because it is no longer fair to give them foreigners who want to rob you of your mouth.

You are a working people and you have to defend your borders and protect you, I want to keep you going to be proud and be ready to push forward everybody’s job to harvest the fruits of the products you have in your hands that can be grouped with a strong hand that is ready to fight for you and gather you together to give you one direction. After the lies of the twentieth century with everything they wanted to take, it’s time to be together for the first time to show that you are a people who can make a revolution in positivity and constructiveness to protect the profits of a life, one social life and ultimately that the fluid atmosphere pass between each one of you and preoccupy the obligations everybody has.

The people must govern and decide on their destiny and that is why constitution has been built to give you the right to emancipation, to decide and find your leader who will represent you and defend your ideas, your will to implement the fundamental revolutions of a new economy based on modern technologies that will give you strength in this century. You need a government that fights on your arm.

The utopian identical revolution is based on respect for our freedoms, which must respect civic codes and all, to live in an atmosphere that will push the world to view this country as a country developed under a modern and dynamic economic strategy.

You can no longer be under the conditions of their banks and debts, much less in a market that is inexistent. There should be a return on investment that will allow everyone a return on equity and a trust in the government with a strong central bank with a strong monetary value in front of the World Bank, which will then give you the opportunity to create new seats work and develop. Above all, we must protect your capital so that you do not give it to foreigners who come to Albania to steal and have no sense of feeling against you but are there only to get what is yours and maybe more.

I speak to you to the descendants of the Illyrians and the sons of Scanderbeg, only you are right on this earth and only you have to reap the fruits of this land. You are from the offspring of tribes coming from afar who have fought for your traditions, it is no longer time to discuss with anyone, but you must strive for the best for you and give yourself the means to share this in the essence of your fortune. Never forget through your present and your future you have in hand everything to change things. Take fate in your hands then take it and enjoy the happiness and enjoy in your democracy to advance to the basic things without compromising. Without compromise towards a win with sincerity, which will be witnessed by youth who proves in her heart the love for her country and that the generations to come they can defend her on the go. For the honor, hope and right to the formation of the honor movement that will make your race and blood distinct under the power of iron and sword.




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