The Stock Market is Margin up and down on volatility.

No one in fact knows today what’s going on and what to do to set up a good return on your savings. The debt of the countries is going higher and higher through many leverages backed up by FMI and World Bank who are covering this credit by the tax payers. This system doesn’t work anymore for the simple reason; none of the governments are sovereign on their money and the ones creating the money are the commercial/private banks. It is difficult for people to understand that in fact all the money you think real is fake as for instance the Bitcoin, totally virtual (exactly what happen in 2008 subprime crisis).

I am not going to teach you and give an economic class but let me say by taking an example; a company today in stock market doesn’t have any value through the gross income or the net profit but through a bet totally virtual that people do in trading like they are playing in poker or casino, to take visionary positions of the company in the future, that’s why we have the products we call “futures”, we buy or sell or short on the market. All this can be understandable for the people and even for the people who work in the bank. It is impossible to understand because we are betting on a future market which doesn’t exist “de facto “.

We create the value of this company and we imagine the position, same we do for any country with thEIR GDP , natural resources , and employment, etc…a system of mathematics completely based on analysts who are creating business models.

The dollar still has a value for the simple reason that every commodities are based on this values but with the American debt and the entire administration problem to pay their employers it is going to be very fragile in the next months, plus the fact that Chinese have been buying American debt to back up their own money but they are facing a new problem with their own debt which goes to 250 percent of their GDP.

 Euro is still a strong money but not because the German politic of Merkel which is a real disaster due to the fact that the German companies make profit that is not going to the German government pocket’s.

One more time this is a lie of European political system who have the incapacity to understand the finance and the golden number which the base of political order for the 21 century.

Euro is strong because people find in this currency a potential to gap their profit with a low interest through the European Central Bank, but until when?

Real estate is not working in Europe and only this renting fake Airbnb are making profit for some people who are creating also a virtual opportunity which at the same time are creating a huge depression of the market which will devaluate the price in the next couple of months and if the interest rates of European Central Bank goes up which previewed it will be the biggest depression value ever for landlords.

The war of Brent and WTI and many meeting of OPEC back up by USA showing also huge incapacity to control the price when we know now the production have been optimized to grow to respond to the demand of the necessity of the world market.

The alternative energy represents 3 percent of the market and the gas still have a huge opportunity to still our source of economy for longtime plus if Aramco sell one part of this share on the market this is will be an incredible revolution with more than 261 billions of barrels reserve in Saudi.

The embargo against many state will also destroy European economy and bring an American over power one more time that they have already on the world control as the financial market.

From Nixon to now and even more now the entire control through the IP (USA army system) they have a control system of everything, your transaction private and publics, trading personal or debt bonds countries. Every European president and prime minister who are saying they are controlling the USA authorities or can deal with them are just lying to you as the French did with Alstom which became General Electric for a few bucks. This company who was national security is now controlled by USA as has been agreed also by Macron. This is just an example but many companies in France will become American in a few time no matter what, through the finance war and strategic control of the world institutions and positions as well.

This is the new democracy you are talking about or waiting… Demos: people and cartos: power but none of this 2 words are for you. The real democracy is the finance order ….




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