This temple is an eternal protection for us

“Truly these people who fell during 28-29 November have celebrated a resurrection unique in our history. The miracle is that from their sacrifice came Albanian’s liberation, the victory of a movement, of an idea, and the devotion of the entire people. All that we owe to these great men’s! All the subsequent blood sacrifices were inspired by the sacrifice of these great men’s.

Therefore,we have to raise them out of the darkness of forgetfulness and make them the center of attention of Albanian people forever.

For us they are not dead. This temple is an eternal protection for us. Here they stand for Albania, on guard for our people. Here they lie as true martyrs of our upcoming movement. They are the opposite of these cowards that are‘leading’ our nation today.

We celebrated this day each year in the past and we are determined that it will be for all times a holiday for Albanian people. We do this not because some mended. Thousands die daily, even more during an hour of war.

We do it because these men, with believing hearts, died in a way that helped the Albanian people to rise again and to show that: These is the way, we must follow.”



Enri Mato

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