A trip between veiled sensuality and shyness

Rome. January 7th, 2018.
H 18.00

Alessandra Camilla Scarci, actress and model, has been photographed by the talented Italian photographer, Gioele Vettraino. Dark hair, enigmatic eyes and smooth skin. Those elements are the fil-rouge of the shooting by Gioele.

It’s a story of a woman, her feelings, her emotions, her dreams and her innocent sensuality between neatness and authenticity.

Imagination is the key of the set. Nothing pretends to be quickly revealed rather be whisperd to the mind, that is free to create the Reality. A subjective Reality.

Differently from what always happens in the 21st century: everything is immediately shown to everyone.

It’s a word hidden behind Alessandra’s eyes.

Behind her perfume.

Model: Alessandra Camilla Scarci
PH: Gioele Vettraino
Fashion: Agent Provocateur, Vajolet




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