Trump agenda undercut by diplomatic choices

U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu has had a long and polarizing history in Albania.

During his three-year stint as U.S. envoy to Tirana, he actively promoted an anti-corruption agenda that many critics say amounted to an attack on conservative Albanian politicians and parties, strongly backing so-called “justice reform.” He worked in conjunction with the socialist government of Prime Minister Edi Rama, a government heavily supported by liberal U.S. billionaire investor-philanthropist George Soros. The result of the campaign: a complete collapse of constitutional governance in the Balkan country.

The reforms Mr. Lu supported have led to a “vetting process” to ensure non-corrupt judges are placed on the courts. Sounds great in theory, but the consequences have been much different in the real world. No constitutional court is currently active in Albania because of a lack of a quorum, and the court is not expected to be operating for the foreseeable future.

This was all part of the plan, of course — to install pro-Soros people in power and then make it impossible for the opposition to challenge them in the courts. Sounds eerily familiar to those “Abolish ICE” and “Count all the votes, even illegal ones” chants American voters heard in the recent midterms.

With the opposition and the courts neutered, Albanian politicians have happily allowed oligarchs to make fortunes off of local government contracts. Having a pro-Soros government in power also brings with it support for Mr. Soros’ pet projects, including legalization of drugs, the aggressive promotion of gay rights and open borders.




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