U.S. Ambassador, Donald Lu

I find it improper the fact that US ambassador Donald Lu speaks a lot when he does not belong and as an ambassador he must be in a neutral position. He reminds to the Albanian people the period of dictatorship and communism, when this doesn’t belong to him because he does not have to interfere in the history of the country. According to the United Nations rules, a foreign country should intervene only if it is invited to intervene.

The sovereignty of the country and the people who has all the power should not listen to the words of an ambassador who allows himself to judge and give advice. I should remind you to read Che Guevara’s speech on the United Nations platform, I think he will do well and allow him to review his speeches.

In any case in Europe, we will not need advice from an ambassador who does not know our history, European history that is older than 1500 years and this is not the case in the US.

It would be good to remember the song of the band System of the Down, Prison.

My great-grandmother had an expression she was using often: go home and the chickens will be well preserved. The people are sovereign and now have to decide the fate of their present and future and do not need anyone to dictate what they should do.

The courage and honor of Albanians since Charles d’Anjou to Skanderbeg shows that you do not need others to restore order and stability because with the help of justice, prosecutors, military and politics you can reach it yourself.




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