Utopia is human consciousness.

Where is utopia? 
I think utopia is human consciousness. The pursuit of the ideal often pushes people forward, makes them work on themselves and create. In my understanding, the ideal is unattainable, but the path to it is the meaning. It improves a person and shows his potential throughout life.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? 
In my work I am inspired by the feelings and atmosphere that I feel from different factors or events. It can be music, fantasies, stories, even the time of day. These are ephemeral feelings and in an effort to capture and convey them art is born.

What turns you off? 
I am repelled by the falseness, the absence of life in the photo, the unnatural nature of what is happening. I love live and animated pictures. In particular, it was for this reason that I switched to film photography. This gives me the opportunity to follow the result less and more of what is happening.

How Much History of the Present? 
I think that much of the past is the basis of the present. For each, of course, it has an individual impact. I am very interested in legends and certain secrets of history and folklore. In many ways it affected my subconscious idea of what a night forest or a wild deserted plain at sunset. Thanks to this mythological material I have some idea what I’m supposed to look there.

What is utopia made of? 
Utopia consists of dreams and reality.

What do you think of the lowest depth of misery? 
I think that a person subject to utopian ideals is quite a frequent phenomenon in history. It is impossible to make any uniform formula as each person acted from the motives and the purposes. But, apparently, this is the one who takes on the unattainable. And the result of the unattainable cannot be himself. Therefore, he and the fate of such people are always unpredictable and cannot be similar to each other.

What is your idea of ​​earthly utopian human? 
I think the most condescending thing to do is to be able to see the truth. This is also called bitterness, bad temper. But often people are absolutely not to blame for the fact that from birth does not wear pink glasses. Sometimes he’s just absolutely right. And it must be able to recognize.

What is most indulgent? 
My favorite virtue is the ability to believe in a dream and not give up, to go to your goal. And win, not accept.

What is your favorite virtue? 
I think I have dreams of a global nature, which at this stage will not come true. It’s a utopia of my thinking. But this realization does not prevent me from believing in the best.



Enri Mato

Enri Mato is an architect and photographer born in 1986 in an artist family. His father was a sculptor and his mother was a restorative, who worked in the Louvre Museum. He grew up in Tirana, Albania where he discovered his interest in photography and art at an early age. In 2005 Enri moved to Paris to study Photography and Architecture. He later pursued masters dergree in Urban Design between Geneva and Tirana. He graduated with a research project called Remembrance. Through his thriving business Enri had the opportunity to travel the world to share his vision and experiences with an international audience.

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