Utopian Magazine Interviews: Marta Syrko

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m living in Lviv , it’s a city in Ukraine . I’m 23 years old . Do photography for 7 years .

What are you passionate about, what do you do for a living?

My passion is my work, I love to take pictures , it’s my favorite thing.

Do you do photography full-time?

I like do art and now inspires are – social projects.

What about the city inspires you? Is Kyiv your muse, or are there other places where you want to shoot and travel? Is there something special about Kyiv for you?

My heart is Lviv. Kyiv is beautiful place but I like to work there just all. Yes it’s special city you can find different types of culture there as in architecture as in people and styles .

What does the community aspect mean to you? 

It’s great to feel this aspect.

Has Instagram created any opportunities for you to work professionally? 

Instagram is very important you can create portfolio also you can find different projects and people to work with.

Any thoughts you want to share about mobile photography?

I like to travel and take mobile photography .

So many ideas usually come up at different places and they are connected as well to different people. How do you explain this phenomenon?

 I don’t have great ideas between people in crowded places.

What can we expect in the near future from you?

I want to do more and more.




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