Veronica Kraemer: Physically, other than landscapes untouched, I don’t think it exists.

Where is Utopia?

Physically, other than landscapes untouched, I don’t think it exists. I think it can be found in the concept of love that is fully shared and believed by two or more human beings.

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What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Acceptance of the past and present, looking at myself and really seeing myself, not what I want to be, or should have been, but what I am and what and who I really was in the past.

I spent a long time romanticizing parts of my life that I wasn’t comfortable with, and this created a massive emotional and mental wall that obstructed me creatively.

My physical and mental evolution are intertwined in the way I see myself… the curves and comfort found finally in my body had the same twists, turns, and struggle in acceptance as they had psychologically in the labyrinth of my mind and I only recently understood that this reconciliation was my biggest freedom creatively, spiritually, and emotionally.

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What turns you off?

Judgement before knowledge.

How much do the myths of history impact on the lives of the present?

We are able to all civilly exist in daily life by going through the motions set before us by somebody else, and through history this evolving ideology of individuals that then spreads and changes generations is the reason why our ideas of real/science/right and wrong/justice/human rights are completely different from generations before. Our generation in comparison to our great great great grandfathers are two completely and totally different realities. Which means that the human existence of reality has changed so much it makes them incomparable save for their fragments. For instance, there is currently relativity with racism, genocide, and slavery even though our society is working to rid them and is conscious of them. What if in the future generations of our great great great grandchildren none of these concepts remain and they will be completely and totally accustomed to a new existence in which we cannot even fathom due to our irrevocable knowledge of the world currently and before us?

What is utopia made of?

A place where people share and are at peace with real equality for every human.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

When love is made ordinary.

What is your idea of earthly utopian human?

One is who is open, completely authentic in themselves, and conscious of their actions, their impact on others, and the world around them.

To what faults do you feel most indulgent?


What is your favorite virtue?

Acceptance, because in that virtues of love, understanding and authenticity are inextricably linked.

What is your Utopian action?

To always increase my understanding of the world and others around me by remaining open and curious to the stories and positions of others. I think if we would all increase our capacity to try and truly understand others circumstances, background, and life stories we can see the immensity of human experience, and how we are all relative.




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