It is true that I am completely surprised by the development of this country that is in the middle of Europe and that I resemble as much as I am with a delayed place in time. Sometimes it seems to have emerged from communism yesterday. The fact that they are not keeping running water all over the country is a proof and deep lack of a dynamic economic and development for the people.

It is unthinkable for me that this state is still in a system that resembles Africa when its natural resources are innumerable. More I’m deeper into the country’s economic and financial system and more I’m surprised. For me, that I’m coming from a banker’s family its strange how one can choose as a minister of economics and finance someone who has finished English. Being a minister of this sector should at least have a strong foundation to be able to work with the IMF and the World Bank so as not to talk further about bilateral agreements with the European Central Bank.

It would be far more logical if all were to keep the seat and the tire.

And it would be more appropriate for someone who was involved with the teacher to deal with education rather than finance. I cannot think of anybody who speculates in the world of high-frequency commerce that makes the most of the importance of markets. During the visits, meetings and conversations I had with farmers I realized that I lack the support and the creation of platforms that will allow them to put the macro-economy of tires, not even here for the development of the high tech economy which would allow it to take a position on international markets by providing investors with funds of stability and security. You have to understand that these funds are not individuals investing in states, but are structures that take market positions to create profitability.

I admire, for example, Michael Burry, who has analyzed “Supprimes,” plans and interest rates, today predicts one of the largest tsunamis we have ever seen in finance since central banks and what we call “revolving credit”. However, Albania, seeing the natural resources that would be ready today, can bring considerable weight and weight to the financial markets with its economic value.

Maybe I’m talking to you in Chinese and apologizing, but just to simplify things, if investors were to install in your country they would be leveraging the structures and taking an example of agriculture, the latter would return to a motor that we can call AAA, which means a secured monetary value that would allow everyone to have some assurance of what we call sales and purchases

For example, if tomatoes are sold at a fixed price in the market, based on a quote that all farmers in Albania recognize, production will be easier for both countries and countries to create a wealth estimate for a year, three years up to the next five years. This will enable the client to borrow on the market in the form of bonds in the medium to long term, always following the IMF regulations. This has been requested by the IMF since 2014 and has not yet been decided by the government even though they have received the money to be used for developing the country in this regard.

All IMF advice and recommendations so far have not been implemented and this has created a significant blockage of potential development capital and what will be created in the coming months will be an increase in extreme unemployment and a decrease in wages that you you’ve already started to feel.

Lack of social assistance, the fact that running water does not exist, electricity that does not comply with European standards makes it the country to rank 65th in the geopolitical, economic and social order and GDP evolution. I repeat once again, why no measures have been taken to bring this country to the right level and wonder how it is possible that you have everything you need, you are blessed on all sides to come out and become a state Powerful. I cannot understand this.

Looks from the outside that looks like you’ve created yourself an embargo as in Enver Hoxha’s time, while you can get out of this economic situation very easily. This cannot be said without any effort, but starting with Zero with mineral resources and a population of 2, 5 million where it is unimaginable how you have reached up to 18% of unemployment, means more than in European countries that do not have natural sources.

We see clearly that the problem of this chess game is management. What do you have to do to fill her gaps would you ask me?

As I have said before, politicians no longer have the power and long-term control of the situation actually has finance. And here is the problem that some politicians have not yet realized that without funding they are nothing. If you had the financial engagement of large groups you would have many opportunities. You can turn your territory from a poor country into a wealthy country, for example, making this territory one of the places where new economic structures such as solar energy, new technologies, etc. are tested. But if you do not embrace the opportunities to develop, you will pass the opportunities to grow and produce.


The world of finance and politics work together and normally they are friends as the politics itself has grown into finance itself and that they belong to the same orders. They have the same characteristics of good and evil and the foundations of eternal humanity, but this is a very intriguing debate for some that often leads people to search for fake visions, such as books, or videos that talk about forms of conspiracies that would aim to dominate the world with a new order.

While innovation in this is simply a change of one state or another simply because it is natural and normal to develop. Every country needs to adapt and evolve. Leaving aside generic beliefs generally generated by fans like Dan Broke who are just there to make money over your credibility and that you do nothing to advance your daily life.


It is time to build the pyramid of modernity that will enable everyone to evolve with the energies and benefits of everyone who will be solidified for traditions and identity, under the guidance of an eternal and divine light that has allowed us to see the east and west of the sun in the dawn and the west, for centuries and centuries.






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