Why fashion has fallen for Fergie’s 80s style just in time for the Royal wedding

Sarah, Duchess of York works yellow polka dots in Canada

Maybe she wore one too many padded Alice bands in the ’80s, or went a tad overboard with the taffeta. Or perhaps it was a more recent incident, when she seemingly wore just one glove to Meghan and Harry’s wedding, that sealed her fate. We can only begin to speculate on the exact causes, but, for one reason or another, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has long been given a bad rap by the fashion press.  

The tabloids have enjoyed framing her taste as heinous fashion crimes, casting her as an almost pantomime figure (did the hair and the clothes get bigger as her persona did?). But now that the Yorks are reunited, sort of, and set to put on the show of a lifetime for the royal wedding of Princess…




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